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Ideas for Rocky Point
Warwick Beacon

Dave Barber and Henry Cunningham of the Department of Public Works helped get out the word yesterday with the posting of signs at the entrances to Rocky Point about the May 7 public forum to be held at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet. Sponsored by the Rocky Point Foundation, the forum is designed to solicit suggestions for the future of the park. The forum will start at 6 p.m.

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May 7th should tell a lot. If I were Mayor Avedesian, this is now State property; you may may have some input, but I expect every other State politican to try to flex their muscle & call the shots.

DETAILS172 would like to be part of a Task Force to study the idea.

providence will take it over like the beach city park

This is so typical RI....FIRE, AIM, READY...Go and commit taxpayer money to buy it but don't have a real plan or the money to do something with it after the fact. Expand the RI Veteran's Cemetery, put in a chapel and walking trails so people can go and contemplate how elected officials have screwed up this State six ways to Sunday in the last 40+ years. Instead of a home run they've pushed the whole State to the brink of the financial cliff and the masses seem content with the RI mantra, "Ignorance is bliss and money does grow on trees." Get ready for more credit cards, errr...bond issues.

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