October 10, 2015
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Mayor urges approval of Questions 5 & 6

Mayor Scott Avedisian has endorsed Questions 5 and 6 in the statewide bond referenda before voters next month.

Question 5 would authorize the state to issue $20 million in general obligation bonds to the Rhode Island Clean Water Finance Agency, which would use the funds and federal capitalization grants to pay for water pollution abatement projects and drinking water projects. A total of $12 million would be set aside for the water pollution abatement projects and the remaining $8 million would be earmarked for drinking water projects.

Question 6 would authorize $20 million in bonds for environmental and recreational projects, including $4 million for Narragansett Bay and watershed restoration; $2.5 million to preserve land as open space; $4.5 million to purchase farmland development rights; $2.5 million in grants to municipalities, local land trusts and non-profits to preserve open space; $5.5 million to be administered as grants to municipalities to buy, develop or revitalize recreational facilities; and $1 million for municipalities to renovate and develop historic/passive recreation areas.

“Passage of these bond referenda will help to ensure the public health with improvements to wastewater treatment plants and upgrades to drinking water systems and preserve, protect and restore the environment,” Avedisian said. “Approval of this funding will also help the fishing and tourism industries to continue to thrive and grow in Rhode Island.”

A number of groups are also supporting Questions 5 and 6, including Save The Bay, the Nature Conservancy, GrowSmart RI, the Audubon Society of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Land Trust Council.

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No thanks. The state can't pay it's bills as it is. No on all borrowing/spending questions for me.

These4 may be good causes, and when we can afford to pay for them as part of our budget, lets do it. But, lets not add to our debt.

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