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Joyce and Don Fowler


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(Another dull “meet the family” plot)

The synopsis and previews looked like just another “meet the family” movie, and that’s just what “Peeples” is.

My attraction to the film was Kerry Washington, the beautiful, talented actress who was so good in “Django Unchained” and mesmerizes me every week in the TV series “Scandal.” Alas, she is wasted as Grace Peeples, the daughter of a wealthy judge (David Alan Grier) and girlfriend of Wade Walker, a poor children’s entertainer (Craig Robinson).

Grace keeps her relationship with Wade a secret from her family. When she goes to the Hamptons for a family gathering, Wade decides to follow her and propose in front of the family. Daddy thinks his daughter is too good for Wade. Wade screws up at every turn, making matters worse.

To top it off, Wade discovers and exposes a number of family secrets, including the actions of the judge.   All this leads to a very dumb and predictable ending to a terrible movie. What was Kerry Washington thinking?

Rated PG-13, with some sex, profanity and drug use.

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