October 13, 2015
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Selfishness and our moral crisis

To the Editor:

The economic and demographic crisis looming over the world and our nation today is the bitter fruit of selfishness and a moral decay – rejection of God and His entire system of values, which He conveyed to each of us.

Rejecting God’s values and the Ten Commandments (not suggestions), building a social and economic system upon a foundation of moral permissiveness and liberalism, all lead to the rise of selfishness and “collective suicide.”

The holocaust of unborn children murdered by abortion with the full “sanction of the law,” which cries for retribution from above.

This great nation of ours better wake up soon before it self-destructs!

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich

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Oh brother....

I'm with you Richard. As Dave64 just commented....people just aren't faithful anymore. They don't need God. They think if you are religious you are superstitious and old fashioned. As if God goes out of style!

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