October 13, 2015
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Joyce and Don Fowler

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(Bloody Australian

chase movie)

Go to a strange movie with three other people and you’ll get four different opinions. Ratings went from one star to three, with my brother-in-law hating it and Joyce and I finding it “interesting.”

Guy Pearce plays Eric, an intense Australian who becomes enraged when three hoods steal his car. Eric chases them across the stark Australian outback at some time in the future, when apparently the economy has collapsed and people will kill for food or gasoline.

One of the gang has been left for dead. Eric picks him up and physically convinces him to lead him to the gang. Rey (incredible performance by Robert Pattinson) is a young man on the edge, possessing a variety of physical and psychological problems. The two slowly develop an unusual relationship, bonding in a strange sort of way.

The movie is only an hour and 45 minutes long, but the pacing is excruciatingly slow, in the style of many Australian movies.

The conclusion will shake you, as Eric tracks down the car thieves and we learn the true reason for his relentless pursuit.

Rated a big R for gruesome violence and profanity.

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