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Too hot for paving

To the Editor:

Did anyone responsible for the resurfacing of Warwick Neck Ave. realize that the product takes more than a few days of intense heat and direct sunlight for it to cure and harden to be effective? I invite everyone to take ride up to Rocky Point Ave. and back, and see what a mess it is.

It does not matter whether it’s an oil-based product or water-based emulsion, it simply can’t be expected to harden in those temperatures!

Not to mention the fact that the surface temps are higher than the air temps. Judging by the amount of tire marks, there are a lot of vehicles out there with black wheel wells!

Check it out folks, but bring cleaning supplies with you.

C. T. Anderson


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Same story on Narragansett Parkway. It looks awful!

How about the fact that Airport Rd was just repaved two years ago at the cost of millions and now the gas company is allowed to tear it up. We must get our heads out of our tailpipes. Stop the insanity. The local construction companies are laughing all the way because a road that should last 15 years will need repaving in 10.

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