A broken nation


To the Editor:

America is a broken nation. It breaks even more each time a shooting occurs. But which came first, the shootings or the brokenness? I contend it is the brokenness.

This has happened insidiously over time. There have been many symptoms and changes that led to this. I remember years ago, a simple thing like opening businesses on Sundays. I thought, this will have a serious impact on our society, but did nothing because I figured I couldn’t, and it did. It told the people that we no longer value Sunday as a day of worship and family time; and thus began the disintegration of the family.

When Roe v. Wade passed in 1974, I knew this to be real trouble, and tried to help, but it wasn’t enough. When we start killing our most vulnerable citizens, we are becoming a barbaric nation. Thus, respect for life diminished.

We then allowed a President Bill Clinton to break laws and lie to citizens. “I did not have sex with that woman.” So the leader of our country and the free world got a pass on misconduct and lying to our nation; when just a few years before, President Nixon quit for the same reason. Truth now became unimportant.

Then we let a few atheists decide for us that we should not be allowed to pray in school or even mention God. Along the way, we have allowed others in the minority to dictate how our holidays and holy days are spent, and what we can and cannot say. Thus, God was taken out of the schools and the public.

We went from sexual abstinence before marriage and marriage as a sacred sacrament, to Hollywood telling us that “free love” is where it’s at, and you’re stupid or backward to think otherwise. Now the only thing we teach children is to respect homosexuals and transgender people. They are not taught, however, to treat all bodies with respect. Thus sexual love vanished.

We went from “I value your opinion” to “I am only tolerant if you agree with me.” A few dictate what we are all to believe and those people are Hollywood, sports personalities, and the “swamp” in Washington. They (such as the Clintons) are the same ones who should have been impeached as President and prosecuted as Secretary of State. She was caught abusing a government email leaking national secrets, and obstruction of justice. I worked at the prison, and if I ever had used my personal email there; I would have been fired and jailed; and yet, our Secretary of State not only got away with it, but ran for President. Now we were taught some people can break the law but we cannot.

We are a nation of Internet people now. We don’t talk to each other. I see parents with their children out in a restaurant, and the parents are mostly the ones on the phone ignoring their precious children. One can say anything about anyone – bully them, send them hate, diminish them, make up fake news - all through nameless systems. We have lost our connection to real life.

Therefore, our children are lost. Should it come as a surprise that someone like Nicklas Cruz exists? He was a lost boy who cried out many, many times. Instead, 17 other precious lives had to be lost, and all the gun control in the world wouldn’t have stopped it. He reached out many times, but people are so afraid to not be ‘politically incorrect.’

Do you think anyone would dare call out a community member in this climate? Our sense of community is gone. And the justice system has to be politically correct as well. Cops are told don’t go after someone who might be Hispanic or Black, because you will be labeled a racist. FBI and Justice Departments feel they are walking on eggs. Is it any wonder the FBI didn’t do any more than they did? If you speak out, you are labeled and might be yourself suspected of something. Therefore, vigilance is gone.

We are now a Banana Republic. Our current President was voted in to make America great again and "drain the swamp." Do you really feel the elites will let him? They have crucified him every step of the way with the help of the media, who are in their pockets. Their job now is to help the fascists. They will do anything (make stuff up, like this fake Russia Dossier) to destroy him, while they continue to get away with their own crimes. We are a broken nation.

Margaret Porter-Quinlan



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Ignorant drivel.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Header. Ad Jack Nicholson said In a Few Good Men. "You can't handle the truth."

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The above comment didn't get posted correctly . It should have said to jfraser . You can't handle the truth. So easy to post a comment as simple as the article being drivel. I challenge you to dispute each point

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The good old days were only good for those that believed in the same things. Anyone else was either pushed out or forced to conform. If you weren't part of that belief system, or any belief system, you were left out in the cold. You only have to look at history to understand why things had to change. For every bad thing that you believe exists today because people don't follow along, there are hundreds of great things that happened due to change.

I am thankful every day that my daughters are alive today and not 30-50 years ago. So many more opportunities exist for them and I encourage them to expand and seek out their own truth.

P.S. In case you haven't noticed there are a great many "conservative republicans" find themselves in hot water in the ethical department. It isn't only confined to the likes of the Clinton's and Nixon's of this world. I especially love those that come down hard on homosexuality only to be found in a compromising position with a member of the opposite sex. You can't tell a nation not to do something and turn around and do the same thing, only in secret. Hypocrisy at its best.

Monday, March 12, 2018