A cup at a time, Wickes 1st graders celebrate first 100 days of school


Yesterday marked the 100th day of school for students throughout Warwick, and first-graders at John Wickes Elementary School took the opportunity for a little friendly competition.

Students in Sara Myers, Meghan Strough and Jennifer Travison’s classes had the chance to come together for a fun-filled cup-stacking challenge in the cafeteria. Four friends from each class were given 100 cups, 25 each, and were told to stack their cups however they wanted. The first class to have all 100 cups stacked would be the winner.

As the students started the race, the cafeteria filled with cheers from their classmates and words of encouragement from their teachers. Myers’ students attempted to build a large wall of cups, while Mrs. Strough’s group worked on four large pyramids. It was Travison’s students, however, that proved victorious in round one, when the team worked together to put the cups in multiple, smaller pyramids.

Also joining in on the fun was the group’s foster grandmother, Grandma Gloria Walker.

“They love competition,” said Walker.

Celebrating the day also included wearing very special attire. Strough’s students had decorated paper glasses cut into the shape of the number 100, while students from the other two classes had decorated hats that featured the saying “100 days of learning.” Even the teachers and Walker had shirts decorated with 100 googly eyes.

A volunteer with the first grade, Walker explained why reaching the 100th day of school deserves such a celebration.

“It is important for the children to realize they achieved a goal, and making it to 100 days is a big goal for them,” said Walker. “We want their self-esteem as high as it can be. It’s not always easy, but it’s amazing.”

Students were able to take part in a second round of competition before lunch, which resulted in a tie between Strough and Travison’s classes. But Miss Myers’ students did not give up hope; they would get their chance to try again later in the day.

The cup-stacking challenge was not the only activity for these students yesterday. Earlier, Miss Myers’ class had completed an activity to count 100 water drops from an eyedropper.

“They also brought in a collection of 100 things, such as beads or gummy bears. Then they had to give clues and [the class] guessed what everyone’s collection was,” said Myers.

Principal Roy Costa also weighed in on the importance of this special day. “It’s a milestone in the year. It’s a day of celebration,” said Costa. “It is also very educational in the different activities that teachers have done.”

Making it to the 100th day of school also signifies that there are only 80 days of school left before summer vacation starts, a happy thought in the middle of a cold winter.


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It only took five teachers to count their fingers and toes to come up with 100.

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The sound of the NECAP scores falling into the dumper.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Justanidiot, are you a teacher?

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