A few words for Democrats


To the Editor:

Chris Curran wrote a half page rancid tripe op-ed piece that appeared in this paper (and several others on 2/23), but it was more an unadulterated slam on President Trump who has been in office a full month. A whole month! Mr. Curran complains that the President is not "presidential" enough. One must surmise that Mr. Curran would prefer the oily politician style of speaking and acting a la Obama who was all form and no substance. Smell the coffee, Mr. Curran. True, Donald Trump would win no prize for auditory talent or poise, or even grace, but he won precisely because he was plain spoken and direct and because the ordinary Americans, Joe and Jane, resoundingly rejected another lying snake-oil pol (Obama and candidate Hillary). And he made it more than abundantly clear that he wanted to make America different from what the liberal/progressives have in mind, that can be summarized by their plans (overly simple perhaps) to have men using the ladies room with women of all ages.

Mr. Curran takes great umbrage at the President's criticism of the media. Unless Mr. Curran is newly arrived from Uranus, has been living in outer Mongolia, or is just singularly ignorant then he just might have witnessed the almost unanimous animus by all forms of media hammering the President on just about everything he says or does. It is fair to say, the American public has never witnessed anything so vicious in their lifetime. The President is more than justified in his claim that the media generally is not fairly and truthfully reporting the news to the American people and by not doing so are indeed derelict and corrupt. One need only read pieces from the New York Times, Washington Post, and many others to verify the President's charge. Should we also cite the collusion of CNN with the Democrat Party in the period leading up to the election to justify the President's claim? There are other examples too numerous to include in this letter but Joe and Jane very well know them. And then of course, we have Mr. Curran himself who spares no effort to denigrate the President. (Here is a revelation to media people: keep it up and you will guarantee a second term for this president.)

Yes, Mr. Curran, the President Trump inherited a monumental mess from the most incompetent, divisive, disingenuous, petty president in the last century. ("You can keep your doctor". "You can keep your plan.” "Costs will go down.” "I am drawing a land in the sand.” "The police were stupid.” "I must apologize for the United States.” I will hide the bust of Churchill. I will more than double the national debt so that it will be more than all previous presidents combined have done (now at 20 trillion). And on and on…and on.

Finally, here are a few words for Democrats: How did you possibly expect to win with such an incompetent, bungling, lying, (possibly treasonous) candidate like Hillary? Do you not understand how incompetent the party appears too by conjuring up all those utter nonsensical excuses for the loss? And you may want to examine how the Democrat party of Truman, et al, has been co-opted by these rabid liberal/progressives who will continue the party's downward spiral – or crash.

Sam Parente



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Your article is right on. Chris Curran is a snowflake of epic proportion not giving Trump even a month to see what his plans are for anything. He cheers for all these fake town halls with people shouting down their politicians rather than conduct a proper question and answer discussion. They are paid George Soros communists and are rude and brutal people of the likes of a Occupy Wall Street.These are not the same respective people of the Tea Party. He says Americans have not worried like this at all in recent times - no not since Obama but the Tea Party was silenced quickly and called nasty names. They don't want answers to questions. They are "snowflakes" pure and simple and sad with their hot chocolate and coloring books that the Americans want their country back.

Thursday, March 2

It is a good exercise to scroll back the columns written by CC and see how many times he has denigrated Mr Trump and even more curious that on the week of the November election, he did not post a column and has not disclosed how he voted or if he did vote that day. We do know that CC will continue to justify his NEVER TRUMP stance at every opportunity, in spite of the successes of the current administration.

The Democrats lost 1,000 seats across the country in the last 8 years and it is time here in RI to tell them to get lost starting with the Governor's seat. The Republican party here in RI has to persuade a known political figure like Doherty, O'Neil, Loughlin, Carceri to step up to the plate and help us win, win, win and keep winning.

Friday, March 3