A history lesson remembered


To the Editor:
The year was 1966, my senior year at Pilgrim High School in Warwick. My history teacher was a Mr. Steven O’Neill, an excellent teacher if I may add.
He taught me something that has stayed with me some 52 years, which is what is happening in America today.
Mr. O’Neill taught me a formula which has stood the test of time: “E+R=O.”
The formula means the Events (which occur in history)+Reaction (to them)=Outcome (in history).
What’s destroying America today is exactly E+R=O.
It’s not that President Trump got elected, but rather the extreme response to it is weakening and destroying our nation.
Case in point, the anti, biased mainstream media and its negative coverage is an attempt to destroy his presidency.
The orchestrated Mueller investigation is a politically motivated probe and attack to get Trump impeached- period. It’s all part of the effort to overturn the verdict of the voters in 2016, by removing Trump early.
The real threat to our nation was not the election of President Trump (“event”) but rather the “response” to it, which is turning out to be an evil “outcome.”

Richard D. Walsh
East Greenwich


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The "real threat" to our nation is that people voted and still support a man who is a liar. He is captured on video saying something and turns around the next day and states he never said that. He lies to the camera, the media, to the citizens of this country and to himself. He doesn't even know what truth is anymore.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018