A lack of courage


To the Editor:

I find the present situation in the Middle East to be both sad and horrifying. Americans are being slaughtered by Islamic radicals because of a movie. A movie that depicts their sacred leader in an unfavorable light. American citizens are being murdered because of a movie, and our leaders have no idea of what to do. They are sitting in Washington, D.C. pontificating on why it is happening and wringing their hands, condemning the beasts that are killing our people. They are already trying to use this tragedy for their own political aspirations in the upcoming election.
These are the individuals we proudly call our leaders. After he was elected as commander and chief, an oxymoron if ever there was one, our anointed president went on a worldwide tour telling the leaders of Islam that relations between their world and ours were going to be more pleasant. Everyone was going to get along because he admitted to them that the United States had made mistakes in the past that he would correct. The world wept at his honesty and the peace and change he promised.
Sadly, today many of us are still weeping, but not for his magnificent promises, but for our departed family members and friends and neighbors who have died as a result of his promises. By transmitting his own weakness to our enemies, he has convinced them of our weakness and they are going to make him and the rest of us very sorry that we elected him in the first place.
Apparently in the pseudo-intellectual, academic and arrogant world he was raised in, no one ever taught him that when confronted by a bully, you have only two viable actions to employ. The first is that you can cry and run and be bullied every day for the rest of your life, or you can hurt him so bad that he never wants to even come near you again. The first is easy; the second takes something that our leaders and our so-called academics and the rest of the arrogant individuals we are surrounded by all seem to lack; courage.

John Cervone
North Providence


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Can't argue with the points you have made Mr. Cervone. I would quibble about the movie after hearing our ambassador to the UN, Ms. Susan Rice, lay the blame for Cairo, Bengazi, Yemen, Beirut, Kabul, Baghdad on "the movie". The Bengazi attack was a well planned, well armed attack, not the result of what she termed "a spontaneous demonstration." Her remarks could be characterized as a laughable lie, nothing new for this administration of pathological liars. Barry Soetoro, commander in chief and community organizer, unfit for either.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012