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To the Editor:

Almost two weeks have passed since Donald Trump’s upset victory on election night. Like many Americans, in fact the majority, I question “what is next?”

Since President-elect Trump’s triumph, several answers to that question have been voiced. There have been those, like President Obama, who have wrongly said to give him a chance. Others, such as our Governor Raimondo, initially approached the issue with a “wait and see” attitude, though, after several demonstrations and outcry by Rhode Islanders, has issued her promise to stand strong against any attempts to promote “divisiveness and anger” and tweeting that she will work with Rhode Islanders to prevent Trump from “enacting policy that strokes division and fear.” I applaud Gov. Raimondo for shifting her attitude to a more proactive approach.

There is one other common slogan that I have heard and seen quite frequently on my Facebook feed both throughout the campaigns and since the election: #LoveTrumpsHate. Do I believe that the powers of love will ultimately overcome hate? Yes. However, I do not for a second believe that love alone will succeed. No, the #LoveTrumpsHate slogan, though catchy, will not do; it must be revised. I propose a new slogan to champion the resistance against Donald Trump: #LoveInActionTrumpsHate.

It will take much more than love to protect those at risk via a Trump administration. One cannot naively believe that his vulgar rhetoric was just that, rhetoric. No, his initial appointments and nominations are horrifying and show that he has every intention to follow through on many of his campaign promises. Yes, I can love my Muslim neighbors, but that will not stop Trump’s brownshirts from coming for them. Yes, I can love those in the LGBQT community, but that won’t stop Trump from making appointments to the Supreme Court that will attack their rights, nor will it prevent him and his VP-elect Pence from coming after women’s reproductive rights. But, Love in Action, the physical manifestation of that sentiment of love and solidarity might make a difference. What that looks like, I am not entirely sure. That is the question we must now ask, and an answer we must quickly find. What actions do we take? I implore all those who champion the slogan of #LoveTrumpsHate, please, please, please put that into action. Our love alone is not enough. The time for action is now.

John Patrick Donegan



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You LOVEtrumpsHate folks are very angry people. Your type of love is reserved for a select few. Please, please, please go away. The time for your leaving is now.

Monday, November 28, 2016

If I didn't know better, I'd swear Hillary's supporters are clairvoyant- they seem to know what's going to happen in the next 4-8 years already! As proven on Nov. 8th, they are not clairvoyant.

"Upset victory?" The only people "upset" are on the left and won't stop whining about it.

The best way to handle professional victims is to avoid them- spend Trump's term ignoring them so they don't feel threatened/victimized.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

@davebarry109 - I don't see nearly 900 hate crimes committed in the days since Trump won the election being committed by Democrats that are angry Hillary didn't win. Those acts have been committed by bottom feeders that voted for Trump to make American WHITE again. Is this what you thought would happen when Trump got elected? We aren't angry. We are motivated to put a stop to the tide of hate and bigotry that has risen to the surface in the wake of this election. I certainly do hope that love does trump hate and that we come together as a nation that is not willing to let these types of actions continue.

Thursday, December 1, 2016