Advice to Ron St. Pierre now on WHJJ


To the Editor:

Ron, you are a seasoned veteran of radio. I worked with you, so I know. As a former colleague of yours from WPRO, I would like to offer you some thoughts on running a talk show now that you have replaced Helen Glover on WHJJ. Your thoughtful and respectful point of view is a dangerous thing to anyone working at a station like HJJ. So here is my advice.

First of all you may think, “You gotta tell the truth.” Please, Ron! Do not let this career-killing idea stop you! Lack of truth has not hampered Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, John DePetro of WPRO, or Tony from the Right on WSAR or thousands of others just like them. In fact, in the case of Glenn Beck, a total disconnect from reality has proven to be a real asset!

The job is easy. Just remember these few pointers:
If someone questions the war in Iraq or the one in Afghanistan, accuse the caller of “waving the white flag of surrender."

And remember, Benghazi is all the fault of President Obama while Bush had no responsibility for 9-11, Iraq or Afghanistan. Obama blocked rescue attempts in Bengazhi, and if there is no proof of that, that is because there is now a "blood-spattered" cover up. 

Medicare for seniors is wonderful, if only they pay a lot more for it, but expanding health care coverage to middle age and younger families is something only Adolph Hitler could have thought of!

Only environmental "wackos" are concerned about carbon emissions. They use it as an excuse to tax us more, when in fact it is good for us, as is toxic sludge. Check with the Koch Brothers for more on this.

Remember, we absolutely must cut spending, so slash food stamps and housing and programs for the middle class and block that jobs bill. We have to do that so we can cut corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy even more. Why should the richest few pay more just because 90 percent of the wealth is now in the hands of the top 2 percent? Why undermine conservative policies? Only a socialist communist would be concerned about the rest, who are just a bunch of Marxists and moochers anyway.

If a caller is concerned about the unemployed, the sick or the disabled, call it “nanny state mentality.”

If someone objects, express your moral outrage and denounce them as “divisive and liberal.” Do this only after you have first hung up on them and accused them of being divisive, of course.

Likewise, you will find your audience growing if you can weave in something about Christian values and the principles of the Founding Fathers as you ridicule the poor and advocate for more wars and torture and the unrestricted sale of guns to just about anyone.

And lastly, always remember, George Bush was “firm”; Barack Obama is “uncompromising." Bush was self-confident; Obama is narcissistic.”

Good luck, Ron. Be creative! Let fear be your ally! With a black man, whose middle name is “Hussein” in the White House, your opportunities are limited only by your audience’s deepest fears!

Charles Lawrence



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Charles....if Obama stops short, your nose will get broken. What a vapid letter. You wrote under the guise of giving advise to RON but your really just wanted to praise Obama and hate Bush.

Get a frickinlife.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mr. Lawrence brilliantly captures why RI is RI. i.e. The second lowest median adult education level in the northeast in exchange for some of the highest paid teachers; the highest unemployment rate in the northeast thanks to some of the most onerous regulations; and a confiscatory tax structure that rewards parasitic human behavior at the expense of production. Those with means have already left this governmental pathology, leaving a shrinking pie for Mr. Lawrence's Takers' paradise. Rhode Island: The living, breathing embodiment of the American Left.

Monday, September 23, 2013