Affordable option to Deepwater Wind


To the Editor:

Wind power must be pursued. The question is, what are our wind power options.

Back in 2005 Deepwater Wind was the only wind power option resulting in the hedge fund investor demanding $224 per megawatt. However, today we have a competitor at one-third the cost at $78 per megawatt, with the added advantage of not having to disturb the ocean. 

For many years CRMC has carried out an exemplary effort to collect data and thoroughly analyze any potential negative effect in our waters. However, it is only right that this new “land based” wind power option be pursed and tested for the benefit of over 400,000 rate payers as well as the possible unexpected destruction of ocean and air inhabitants.  

In desperation, I am writing this “alert” so all ratepayers are aware of the excessive-cost option approved by a CRMC subcommittee.

Ignore this and your power cost triples:  200,000 electric ratepayers must email Grover Fugate at and the full CRMC committee at; or mail this request to Grover Fugate at Stedman Government Center Suite #3 4808 Tower Hill Rd Wakefield RI 02879-1900 with the request; to put on hold the unnecessary bulldozing of our ocean, until the “low cost” land based wind power option is tested; “FOR THE PEOPLE” ratepayer’s pockets. 

Stanley Wojciechowski



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Stanley Wojciechowski - You are so right about this. Anyone that has or knows someone with a boat, ask them the cost of maintenance on stuff exposed to salt water.

Sunday, May 4, 2014