Airport to return property to tax tolls, beautify area


Attractive fares; numerous direct flights to destinations across the country and to foreign locations; convenience and a welcoming environment once people arrive in Warwick are Green Airport amenities Iftikhar Ahmad, president and CEO of The Rhode Island Airport Corporation talks about often.

He’s happy with the additional flights Green now offers and says they could make Green the fast growing airport in the country next year. But what are people going to see when they get here?

The environs of Green Airport are also on the minds of the mayor, tax assessor and the city planner.

Empty storefronts, weed-choked lots and fenced in cement lots don’t make for a welcome mat and, certainly for as long as the airport owns them, they don’t yield any taxes.

Ahmad said in an interview last Thursday he is working to not only to give those arriving at Green a positive first impression of Rhode Island, but also put tax dollars into the city’s coffers.

That’s refreshing news to Warwick officials who for years have complained how the airport is nibbling away at the city’s tax base as it takes homes and businesses to expand. It is also welcomed by Mayor Scott Avedisian and City Planner William DePasquale, who see RIAC land, especially the former LAZ Parking on Post Road, as integral to the overall development of City Centre.

RIAC bought the 6.5-acre parking lot, a residential neighborhood formerly known as Hillsgrove South, with the intent of eliminating a parking competitor. It is now marketing the property with an easement that prohibits its use as airport parking.

“Our job is economic development,” Ahmad said. “We are focusing on our city, making sure we are doing anything we can to drum up business.”

In addition to actively marketing the former LAZ lot, Ahmad said RIAC is working with Procaccianti Companies, which bought the former Atwood Grill property on Post Road, and is in the process of renovating the 192-room Comfort Inn for a direct connection between the airport terminal and the hotel.

According to a RIAC release issued last week, the hotel, temporarily branded as a Roadway Inn, is undergoing a substantial transformation to become one of the Marriott’s strongest brands: Fairfield Inn by Marriott.

In a statement Ralph V. Izzi Jr., vice president of corporate marketing & public affairs for the Procaccianti Companies said, “We are proud to expand our relationship with RIAC as it represents a true alignment of interests and our collective efforts are resulting in meaningful progress to strengthen economic growth in Warwick. We look forward to working closely with RIAC to the benefit of hotel guests and airport passengers alike.”

Ahmad said demolition and landscaping would be required to clean up some of the airport properties. He said he would look at airport properties along Main Avenue that were cleared of homes for business uses.

Redevelopment of the former site of the RIAC garage that featured the iconic geodesic dome on Airport Road by Enterprise Rent-A-Car was scheduled last year, but so far nothing has happened with the exception of the removal of the dome by a group looking to save it. Attorney K. Joseph Shekarchi, who represented Enterprise in the spring of 2016 during the zone change required of the project, said Tuesday that the project is still planned, but the cost of the initial proposal came in far over budget.

While City Tax Assessor Christopher Celeste acknowledged the airport has taken many properties off the tax rolls, he observed “it’s not a one sided thing.” Without the airport, Celeste said Warwick wouldn’t have the hotels that it does that generate property tax as well as hotel tax revenues for the city.

“It’s good that they’re doing that,” he said of efforts to market the LAZ property, “and it’s not helping them to hold on to it.”

In a statement Mayor Avedisian said, “It’s good to see property go back on the tax rolls and to be better utilized. Establishing better uses for a property is always good, and this redevelopment is a great indication of the partnership with the airport to look at what’s good for the future of the city.”

He goes on to say, “The resale of properties identified for redevelopment will return these parcels to our tax rolls – a significant goal identified in our Comprehensive Plan, and strongly supported by this administration. The sale of the Atwood Grill property to the Procaccianti Companies is a terrific first step. My administration looks forward to working with RIAC to ensure the continued success of the Airport and growth of City Centre Warwick.”

Highly visible areas, such as the corner of Airport Road and Post Road, which currently contain unsightly former storefronts, will be slated for demolition during the next six months, according to the release. Reuses of this particular area will be limited as it falls within the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) for Runway 16. The removal of structures will be replaced with green space.

Other areas, located outside the RPZ along Post Road, will also have structures razed, where applicable, and viable reuse plans coordinated closely with the City of Warwick.
RIAC released the following list of properties and what is planned:

Airport property list:
561 Airport Road (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) – Currently in the design and planning phase.
1910 Post Road (Hotel) – Property to be utilized for hotel upgrade and additional development opportunities.
2119 Post Road (LAZ) – RIAC will market property in the coming months.

Slated for demolition
731 Airport Road – Located within RPZ, green space
747 Airport Road – Located within RPZ, green space
757 Airport Road – Located within RPZ, green space
14 Roseland Avenue – Located within RPZ, green space
22 Roseland Avenue – Located within RPZ, green space
2222 Post Road – Future use to be determined within Airport Master Plan
2282 Post Road – Future use to be determined within Airport Master Plan


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Part of the Airport Agreement was renegotiated! And to the betterment of the Warwick taxpayer!

Critics said that was impossible. It just couldn't be done!

"Once it was done, it was non-re-negotiable!" That's what they kept saying!

I guess the critics were wrong...again.

Amazing what can be done by persistence. Maybe someone should keep trying. Maybe that person should be me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The car rental lot proposed for Airport Rd is going to adversely affect traffic. That is what occurred years ago until RIAC and City made them all work out of new garage on Jeff Blvd.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Except for one small detail Rick. You're a retard.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

That's an insult Thecaptain. The mayer never comes to our meetings because I think he is intimidated by our intellectual prowess.

Friday, November 10, 2017

WOW! The fake "mayor" has again shown his complete incapacity to understand basic English.

Nowhere in this article is there any indication of a "renegotiation" of any part of the RIAC contract with the city. What the article explains is that RIAC is looking to return some property to the city tax rolls by developing it. These potential developments have nothing to do with the airport agreement. Nothing.

Just as the fake "mayor's" pathetic claims have nothing to do with reality.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Would anyone like to see the fake mayor's tax records for his rental property at 1115 Greenwich Ave.? EVERY TAX PAYMENT WAS LATE. EVERY FREAKIN ONE !!!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Richard Corrente AKA Political Chameleon

Here we go again. Everyone listens to Richard's pronouncements and everything changes is Warwick....Laughable.....

Let's not forget Richard's slogan is "Cut taxes...Cut Spending." It's now time from him to put up or shut up and show us how he intends to do it.

The City Council will have their next meeting on Nov. 20th where the general public can address the entire City Council on any matter affecting the taxpayers. Nobody can ever remember Richard ever once addressing the council on any issue. We all know Richard has castigated the School Committee for yrs. for not reaching a settlement with the teachers union. It is now purported the tentative agreement will drain $3.8 million from Warwick's rainy day fund this fiscal year alone. That's over a 20% hit. That amount will be compounded every year going forward by virtue of the 3% salary increase. Warwick's maximum tax increase is approx. $8 million a year for all city services. The personnel costs for both city workers and school dept is approx. between 85 to 90 % of their budgets. That doesn't leave much room for cuts. I'm sure we all can't wait for Richard's answer how he will cut taxes for all of us based upon the above facts. We are will be listening attentively on Nov. 20th for Richard's overview.

It would also be appropriate the Richard answers "the captain" questions whether he is the Richard Corrente who has upwards of 16 court cases on the RI Judiciary website regarding unpaid fiscal matters and is also been late on his taxes to the city for the property he owns.

Integrity and character do matter when running for office.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Every time I agree with "The Captain", he has to dumb it down with some grade school putdown. It's 2017, man. Don't call someone "A Retard" It makes the general population take any of your valid points less seriously.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I have never been late on the taxes for 1115 Greenwich Ave. Ever. To accuse me of that is a lie.

I pay them every month since I purchased that property in 2002, in my mortgage payment. My lender is Bank of America. Feel free to check with them.

I have never failed to pay taxes on my car and have never had it unregistered as Rob Cote says. That's another blatant lie. How could I possibly have it registered today? How could Mayor Avedisian's employee, Tax Collector Chris Celeste, allow me to do that? The answer is; he wouldn't and he didn't! Neither would the Registry of Motor Vehicles or my insurance company.

I do agree with "Reality" AKA Roger Durand, when he says "Integrity and character do matter..." That's why I always use my real name, not a fake one, like he and these cowardly critics always hide behind.

But back to the RIAC issue. As you know I have been a constant advocate to make the airport more responsible to the Warwick taxpayers. I have met with them several times and I won't quit until they are a better neighbor. I owe that to the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab.

Admittedly, progress has been slow but it's amazing what can be done by persistence.

Therefore, I'll keep trying.

Special thanks to MoonlightGraham for the wise words.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Monday, November 13, 2017


My apologies. This guy just doesn't quit.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Richard Corrente

Put up or shut up......Nov 20th is coming.....Get up to the microphone at the City Council meeting and let us know how you are going to CUT TAXES in light of the new teachers contract you have been screaming for the school committee to sign for for years. Do something different Richard and get up and articulate your solution to the tax problem.... shock us all.

You have also never answered did you demean your favorite city council woman prior to running for office ? How about all the filings listing a Richard Corrente on the RI Judiciary website for fiscal matters . Is that you?

Stopping evading the questions......can't wait for your answers on Nov. 20th

PS....Richard it's ridiculous you talk about integrity when you accuse someone of doing something with absolute no proof and when you're confronted you say it wasn't you. Amazing your lack of candor.

Monday, November 13, 2017

As an example of the continued lies Richard, you did not purchase that property until 2013. See ownership below.


Unit Owner Parcel ID Tax Year Bill Type


1115 GREENWICH AVE PALOMBO, JOSEPH 257-0001-0000 2005 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE PALOMBO, JOSEPH 257-0001-0000 2006 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE PALOMBO, JOSEPH 257-0001-0000 2007 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE PALOMBO, JOSEPH 257-0001-0000 2008 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE PALOMBO, JOSEPH 257-0001-0000 2009 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE PALOMBO, JOSEPH 257-0001-0000 2010 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE PALOMBO, JOSEPH 257-0001-0000 2011 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE PALOMBO, JOSEPH 257-0001-0000 2012 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE CORRENTE, RICHARD C 257-0001-0000 2013 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE CORRENTE, RICHARD C 257-0001-0000 2014 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE CORRENTE, RICHARD C 257-0001-0000 2015 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE CORRENTE, RICHARD C 257-0001-0000 2016 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

1115 GREENWICH AVE CORRENTE, RICHARD C 257-0001-0000 2017 - REAL ESTATE View Bill

And in fact, in 2013 you stopped paying your taxes and mortgage at 177 Grand View, lived there for 3 years while in eviction process by Redstick Acquisitions, failed to pay a $500 utility bill, until early December 2016 when you where escorted by sheriffs and forcibly removed from the property.

Also Richard, you say you met with RIAC several times. Since RIAC is a quasi public agency, every meeting with the general public must have minutes recorded. Can you put forth a set of minutes or better yet as you always do, tell us where to get them?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Another well-done, fact-based examination of the truth about the fake "mayor'" Thecaptain.

I continue to find it pathetic that he can not produce a shred of evidence on his own behalf; expects others to find information that supports his claims; and continues to believe that "But they use screen names!!!" is somehow a relevant or credible response to the long list of proven facts that belie nearly everything he has written on this site.

Thank you for joining the thousands of honest, responsible, taxpaying voters who see through his claims and who will certainly reject his candidacy next November.

Monday, November 13, 2017

I have made an error. I mistakenly stated that the all fake mayors taxes were late at his property at Greenwich Ave. I meant to say his property at 441 Old Forge Rd. (not withstanding his default at 177 Grand View in 2013. My sincere apologies. It gets difficult to delineate all of his fiscal failures following his long trail of delinquencies and litigation. City spread sheet of his late fee's below. Late fees total $8267.79. Can you imagine if he was in charge of the city's pension payments?

Year Street Apt Billed Abatement/Adjustment Payment/Credit Unpaid Interest Paid

2004 OLD FORGE RD 2,246.44 50.00 2,296.44 0.00 303.26

2004 GRAND VIEW DR 4,266.76 0.00 4,266.76 0.00 0.00

2005 OLD FORGE RD 2,343.50 50.00 2,393.50 0.00 355.54

2005 GRAND VIEW DR 4,454.03 0.00 4,454.03 0.00 0.00

2006 OLD FORGE RD 2,419.32 0.00 2,419.32 0.00 241.94

2006 GRAND VIEW DR 4,595.20 0.00 4,595.20 0.00 0.00

2007 OLD FORGE RD 3,148.80 75.00 3,223.80 0.00 629.76

2007 GRAND VIEW DR 4,558.13 0.00 4,558.13 0.00 638.14

2008 OLD FORGE RD 3,311.75 0.00 3,311.75 0.00 459.62

2008 GRAND VIEW DR 4,794.08 0.00 4,794.08 0.00 431.46

2009 OLD FORGE RD 3,491.17 0.00 3,491.17 0.00 628.42

2009 GRAND VIEW DR 5,055.05 0.00 5,055.05 0.00 454.96

551.01 0.00 551.01 0.00 30.30

2010 OLD FORGE RD 2,784.56 75.00 2,859.56 0.00 556.91

2010 GRAND VIEW DR 5,738.68 0.00 5,738.68 0.00 1,019.68

491.32 0.00 491.32 0.00 157.22

2011 OLD FORGE RD 2,817.49 0.00 2,817.49 0.00 225.40

2011 GRAND VIEW DR 5,807.63 75.00 5,882.63 0.00 929.24

432.92 0.00 432.92 0.00 34.64

2012 OLD FORGE RD 2,889.70 0.00 2,889.70 0.00 0.00

2012 GRAND VIEW DR 5,955.36 30.00 5,985.36 0.00 833.76

358.77 0.00 358.77 0.00 28.72

2013 GREENWICH AVE 5,549.12 0.00 5,549.12 0.00 0.00

2013 GRAND VIEW DR 5,689.63 171.00 5,860.63 0.00 597.42

Monday, November 13, 2017

Sorry the spread sheet didnt load exactly as it appears on the city documents. But all you need to do is look at the last figure in each line. That is the interest penalty for late payment. Richard still has comprehended that I am superb at performing research.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Is Corrente for real? I wonder if he wasnt just put up to throw real candidates off and distract people who actually care and work within the realm of reality. If what Captain publishes from city records is in fact true and I believe it is, then Corrente may be "certified" if you know what I mean.

The news story is GREAT. Those blighted properties are just dragging down an otherwise upcoming area. RIAC should get credit for making progress with those properties.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Unfortunately, WwkVoter, the fake "mayor" is all too real; he spent real money and wasted real time in his failed effort to get elected last year rather than clearing up his proven tax delinquencies. He has also been proven a liar again and again, and as you've seen, that's done nothing to stop him from simply repeating his lies.

You raise an interesting question as to whether he has chased off other candidates; at the very least that is highly unlikely. Given the Democratic Party's awful record running against Mayor Avedisian, it's clear that no one else wanted to run against him in 2016. The fake "mayor's" decision to run as a Democrat is highly suspect, since even members of his own party would not endorse his campaign.

Ultimately, the fake "mayor" is nothing more than a political opportunist who badly misjudged the voters in Warwick and believed that he could fool a majority of them into electing him. As you've seen numerous times, he maintains that mistaken belief and continues to push already-debunked talking points.

He will no doubt continue to humiliate himself and prove himself unworthy of any office in his future comments.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017