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(Violent/philosophical sci-fi prequel)

Both philosophical and extremely violent, this prequel to Ridley Scott's original sci-fi thriller Alien and sequel to his Prometheus has come a long way since Sigourney Weaver chased an alien creature through her spaceship.

The year is 2104. A spaceship is traveling to the far reaches of the universe to establish a new colony for humans to live in peace. The crew is made up of couples who are sleeping their way through a seven-year journey in a humongous ship also carrying hundreds of humans and embryos, watched over by a computer named "Mother" and an android named Walter (Michael Fassbender).

A shockwave knocks the ship off-course and the crew is awakened. The captain dies and they must make a decision as to whether to try to make repairs and make it to their original destination or head for a closer, unknown planet.

Here's where the philosophical stuff comes in. The new leader is a "person of faith" and not completely trusted by the science-minded others. Questions of the existence of God, or a god, and where we come from and where we go come to the surface.

Strange transmissions are received from the planet, as the crew sends an exploration team to check out the mountainous terrain and stormy atmosphere of the planet.

This is the point in the movie where everything goes viral. Ugly alien creatures appear to slowly reduce the number of crewmembers who meet horrible deaths. And who is this godlike man who "saves" them, only to challenge Walter and lead more victims to their ghastly deaths.

Can the spaceship find a place to land in time to save anyone?

If anyone makes it back to the mothership alive, will he or she be joined by an alien creature? Will that creature then wreak havoc on the ship? How will this blood bath all end?

Will there be hints of more to come?

Stay tuned.

Rated a big R, with lots of blood and guts spilled, a hint of nudity, and profanity. You would curse, too, if you had one of these aliens in your face.


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