All gone


To the Editor:
Benny’s is closing its doors. Too bad, I loved Benny’s, but Warwick residents are used to losing terrific places to go, like Jenny’s ice cream parlor and Rocky Point amusement park “rides,” and Almacs and Zayre and Gordon Jewelry Store at the mall and Warwick Shopper’s World and Grossmans and Block Buster Video and the Conimicut Pharmacy and Lupino’s Pizza Parlor and Sears department store.
Who would have ever figured that we would outlive all of this, and Hooters, too. So what’s next? How much can we take?
Remember the Warwick Credit Union? And Industrial National Bank and even Old Stone Bank and Greater Providence Trust and Joe Muratore and Columbus Mortgage loan cars?
And Caldor and Jordan Marsh? And how about Shepards and the Outlet?
And Filene’s and Burger Chef on Post Road, and Valley’s Steak House, oh boy the hurt of it all, but we all survived it. And our lives go on and on.
Good luck to all of the employees of our favorite places to go. Thanks for all our terrific memories.

David Rourke


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Dear David,

Warwick has lost 5,800 taxpayers and 4,666 businesses in the last ten years. (according to the U.S Census and the R.I. Secretary of States office). Our schools attendance has plummeted from over 17,000 to under 9,000. We desperately NEED new businesses. That's why I propose "rebate checks" to anyone who moves into Warwick and buys a home or opens a new business.

Wouldn't it be nice David, if we had a new chain that started right here in Warwick?

I think so.

Happy Autumn David.

Happy Autumn everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The disgraceful, lying, failed candidate persists in falsely claiming that Warwick lost more than 4,000 businesses.

For readers who may not be familiar with this particular lie by the fake "mayor," it goes like this: The fake "mayor" gathered two pieces of data, one from the U.S. Census and one from the Rhode Island Secretary of State, then subtracted the state number from the federal number and presented the result as support for his claim.

The problem with this comparison, as the following article explains in great detail, is that the U.S. Census and R.I. Secretary of State use different criteria for what counts as a business, meaning that the comparison is incorrect and dishonest: http://warwickpost.com/numbers-game-corrente-claims-of-lost-businesses-dont-add-up/

In fact, the linked article shows that, no matter the source for business data -- the federal government, the state, or the city -- correct comparisons of the data show no results that support his fraudulent claim. None.

This link has been provided multiple times to the fake "mayor," nearly every time he has repeated his false claim on this website, and yet he continues to post it.

Nothing proves his intentional dishonesty and arrogance more than this particular lie, one that he repeats despite the fact that it was disproven with facts more than a year ago.

It is truly pathetic that the fake "mayor" continues to base his delusional belief in his candidacy on such a blatant lie, and it is a certainty that he will maintain his unblemished record of humiliating himself in his future comments.

Thursday, October 26, 2017