Awful decision


To the Editor:

We must stop Solomon from taking away the cultural jewel of Warwick, the Warwick Center For The Arts. I am an active artist member there and have been entering exhibitions there for the past six months. It is the only place in Warwick I can exhibit with other talented, creative people. My grown children were enriched by classes there years ago. Their artwork was displayed there in citywide school exhibits.

Thank you for exposing this awful decision by our mayor. I pray that more enlightened members of our government can stop him.

Michele Keir



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If you are faced with having to budget for your family in order to keep the roof over your head, are you going to cut back on going out to movies and purchasing art materials or heat and food? No one is saying it isn't important, it just needs to be prioritized properly.

I don't think he is "unenlightened", simply trying to find the best solutions for the entire city. If you look at it logically, having the relocated city departments right next door is much more beneficial to all citizens than spread out like they are now. Why can it not be that the Warwick Center For The Arts be moved to one of the other locations and still be open for all to use? Why is that unacceptable but having our city services located in different buildings in the city?

This is a bad decision to you because you are close to it. When the city is facing a financial crisis, all things are on the table to be looked over and examined. When push comes to shove, having the school building NOT fall down on the heads of the students or the roads not cave in take priority over art and culture.

Friday, February 22