Back woods Alabama?


To the Editor:

I have never read a sadder article in the Beacon than the one under Police Log on page 2 of Tuesday's edition, January 23.

It was entitled "Cat Euthanized.”

It seems a cat ran out across Greenwich Avenue and was struck by a car. Officers were dispatched and assessed the situation. It was decided that the cat was beyond help by officers, but not a vet. Since the owner could not be found, the decision was made to "euthanize" the poor creature with that most wonderful instrument of euthanasia, a .22 rifle.

After the cat was "euthanized" the body was placed "in some bushes" near the front door of a house thought to be the cat's home. Placed in some bushes? What are we, barbarians? Or do we live in the back woods of Alabama?

Are we living in a civilized city, in a civilized state, in a civilized country? We're not talking about a deer hit by a car on Route 146 or a moose hit in rural Maine on Route 95. We're talking about a cat hit by a car on a small highway in a big city where there are many vets.

The cat could not be taken to a local vet for assessment and proper euthanasia and kept there until the owner could be? Would it take too much time away from the local patrol or cost the city too much for a vet's fee?

What are we and what have we become to behave in such a callous manner?

The saddest story I have ever read in the Beacon for a long time…but after all, it was only a cat.

Jim Morgan



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You would have the cat suffer? A small body like that being hit by a car....and you want a vet to try and save it? Take out your anger on the owner who let's it run around.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Your right it was only a cat but They should have called Warwick Rescue Advanced Life Support or Medflighted it to Tufts University for intensive care. Why wasn't a Priest called so the cat could have Last Rites?

This poor heroic Feline Person, (Because Cat is so racist and politically incorrect) will it be buried at Swan Point Cemetery with full Civilian honors? Oh, it's only fitting that this long standing highly regarded member of our community should be laid to rest befitting its contribution to our community. Maybe the Governor will commemorate a holiday in its honor. Perhaps The City should construct a memorial eternal flame (At taxpayer expense of course) at the site where the deceased met the final end.

Hey, at least they cared enough to euthanize it, and place it where the owner might find it.

You're lucky they didn't just hit it in the head with the tire iron and throw it in a dumpster.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018