Bearing false witness


To the Editor:

Every homeowner and business owner in Warwick is held hostage by a small group of persons who control $167 million yearly to educate 9,977 students. And this week, these sorry taxpayers had to witness a teacher “sickout” so that multiple schools had to be closed for the day and we are told that this problem will be resolved in meditation, which can only mean that more concessions will be granted to the Teacher’s Union. Not once has there been any mention from the administration that most of these teachers who claimed to be sick were lying to their students, principals, administration and taxpayers. All of these administrators and teachers should be held accountable for dereliction of duty because they refused to pay attention to one of the most basic rules in our culture, “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” and they all should explain to the field peasants who foot their bills just what is being taught in these schools. Something like:

“Dear students, it is acceptable to lie and cheat in your exams because that is how you get ahead and if we lie to you when we are not sick, so you should do likewise and not be punished for your absence nor for your cheating on tests. We have repealed all 10 biblical commandments and have removed them from your classrooms, offices and courtrooms and we have also removed all prayer and study of the Bible from public property so you will have nothing contrary to stir your young innocent and beautiful minds. So be not troubled, soon you too will be like us, teaching other youngsters to violate their consciences and searing them with a hot iron.

Very truly yours as we, your government school system, care for our precious possession, the next generation.

P.S. Taxpayers beware; those at the ACI believed our foolish instruction and were caught lying, cheating and stealing.”

Eric Thorp



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Fantastic accurate commentary. What is interesting is that when a taxpayer attends a school committee meeting and voices an opinion that is contrary to the opinion of the union, he or she is mocked, shouted down, and stopped from speaking. If a member of the general public voices an opposing opinion while the teachers picket, the same takes place.

So it seems that only the union members have the right to enjoy our First Amendment. The one thing that teachers have no concern for is the taxpayer burden and the impact to the almost 1 billion dollars in unfunded liabilities that exists in this city. But why would they? More than 60% of Warwick teachers do not live in Warwick and their children do not attend Warwick schools. Make sense? Having been in attendance at budget hearings and finance meetings for more than a decade, I have never seen a teacher take the mic and ask a question. They , much like the firefighters have one objective only, to continue to increase salary and benefits with little to no checks and balances on their performance, and no concern as to the impact to the taxpayer.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Exactly! My one mantra when raising my daughters has been to always tell me the truth. I can't work with a lie. I can't help if I am going on misinformation. I felt that the WTU and their lawyer stating in court that there was no sickout was completely and totally disgusting. No one believe them and it will undermine their credibility moving forward. They manipulated and lied to the citizens of Warwick. There should be some legal repercussions to their illegal strike.

Friday, October 20, 2017