Calamari, quality legislation don’t you think?


To the Editor:

Seems we have a House representative from Warwick that thinks that government needs to be involved in determining that the state of Rhode Island needs to have an appetizer that is designated calamari. Are you for real?

Doesn’t government have their hands in enough? Why is it that they seem to think they have to be involved in everything?

We have the second highest unemployment in the country! Jobs are scarce and times are not good in our state. The education system is failing our youth. The unions seem to think they can dictate how things are going to run in the municipalities and the state. We have cities on the verge of bankruptcy and one already has failed. We have a huge state problem in the pension plan. Businesses are closing their doors and leaving the state for greener pastures, like the state next door. Without business, there are no jobs. These are just a few major issues, as well as many other issues that need to be dealt with in Rhode Island.

However, calamari seems to be a priority for this representative. This is the second time this piece of legislation is being introduced by him. Does this issue really need to waste valuable time on the floor of our state government when we are facing much bigger problems?

Try focusing on priority issues and not on nonsense that has no real impact on Rhode Islanders’ lives. I am sure I and others really do not care if we have a designated appetizer. How does this impact our lives? Does it create jobs? Does it give tax breaks to businesses in hopes to retain them here? Is this the best we can do by placing the same people in government seats year after year and they introduce legislation like this?

I urge all politicians (not just at election time) to go out and listen to what people are saying. The key is to listen to them because you represent them. You may be very surprised what you find out. You will hear things that really concern the taxpayers of our great state. I bet calamari is not on the list! Listen to them and reprioritize what you bring to the floor. You are there to help Rhode Islanders, not patronize them with calamari as legislation. We are brighter than you may think!

Rick Ahlert



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Agreed with Mr. Ahlert on all points until I got to the last sentence: "We are brighter than you may think!" Rhode Islanders have voted for every inch of pathology that state government has wrought, and every two years they sprint to the polls in order to re-elect the same sorry bunch that has made RI a national laughing stock. Sorry, Mr. Ahlert, Rhode Islanders don't seem to be very bright at all.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Better legislation would be to get people who are ordered to do community service to pick up all of the trash littering the sides of our roads and highways. If the state is not attractive from a business standpoint, at least it could look good physically.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Whoa Uncle Sam. Holster your squirt gun. Hundreds of resolutions are passed every year to recognize,or promote an achievement by an individual or a group,e.g. a Little League team does well,a veteran is recognized for their service. In this case,the intent is to recognize the calamari {or squid} industry,as an important part of our economy. Take the time to read the Bill,and you will see that.Simplistic,full time debunkers actualy help bring light to issues by their predictable negativity. The publicity ultimately shows the true intent.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

citizen: I couldn't agree more. As I travel around the northeast and listen to senior executives and CEO's, they all seem to say the same thing: "Yeah, there's the under-educated workforce, the hideous public services, the confiscatory taxes, rampant public corruption and the fact that everybody has their hand in your pocket. But, hey, you've got calamari!"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014