Church Ave. to be paved...again


Some residents have been waiting for decades to have their road repaved. And then there are the residents on the west end of Church Avenue. The street was repaved last year to the satisfaction of the neighborhood. Then this summer Cardi Construction returned and dug it up. Actually, they “milled” the road, taking off the upper layer of asphalt.

Whatever, people questioned why the city was ripping up a road that had been resurfaced about a year ago. They called the Beacon for answers.

Mathew Solitro, acting public works director who has been overseeing the repaving program, had the answer.

“I looked at it and wasn’t happy,” he said of the initial paving. “We didn’t get the product we paid for.”

Solitro believes it was a “bad mix.” He talked to Cardi.

“They totally agreed,” he said.

Solitro said Cardi is repaving the road at no cost to the city. He estimated the cost of the work at about $50,000.


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City pavers must not have much to do this town

Saturday, August 11, 2018

But does that mean it take priority over other streets that have been waiting longer? It would make sense to go to the ones in the worst shape, not ones that you aren't happy with! Does Solitro live on that street, lol!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018