CJ speaks of arrest, offers apology


To the Editor:

At the time (the news of the arrest was made known), I was unable to publicly comment about the issues that surrounded the case, however, now I am at liberty to speak and I want to start by expressing my wholehearted apology for letting down my family and friends.

I made a serious error in judgment by having dinner and several beers with friends while watching the Boston Bruins Championship game and subsequently driving home. I am not happy with my decision, and I am thankful that no one was hurt. I respect our judicial system and understand that a decision of that nature comes with consequences, which I have accepted. I will be doing community service, classes, loss of license, as well as the financial restitution that goes along with such a charge. It was a major error in judgment on my part that will never happen again.

An issue that I would like to address and give my perspective on was my possession of a brand new legally owned firearm that night. A decision was made three months back to purchase a firearm to protect my family in the event of a home invasion. Upon taking the proper required tests and background checks and receiving my blue card, I purchased a firearm from Post Road Guns in Cranston. However, three months later my wife and I both decided that we had a change of mind and no longer wanted a firearm in our home/possession. My intent was to return this unused, legally owned firearm back to the store where I purchased it.

Unfortunately, instead of going right to the store, I went out with friends to watch the Bruins game with the intent to return it the next day. I do believe it is important to note that this firearm was brand new, still in its case, never used, and no ammunition was ever bought for it. There was never any ill intent or anything nefarious surrounding this matter.

I understand that there are many trials and tribulations as we go through this world with many ups and downs, and by no means do I claim to be perfect. I want to promise to all who are concerned that I accept my responsibility and welcome my new role of moving forward in a positive fashion. I ask that those who judge me do so not by my ability to fail but my ability to move forward in a positive manner.

CJ Donovan


Councilman Ward 7


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It takes a real man to admit when they are wrong. Obviously he s not a real man. If that were me I'd be in jail.....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Statistically, this was not an error in judgement. While CJ is a nice guy, he has no doubt driven drunk dozens of times prior to getting caught. He may wish to consider giving up drinking altogether.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm still trying to figure out how you can represent ward 7 while living in a different ward for at least part of two terms? There were ward committee members who were aware and privy to this info. Perhaps Mr. Gallucci can offer an explanation as this was happening on his watch. 109 is correct because this time he was stopped but we don't know how many times this may have happened in the past without getting stopped or getting an escort home. Perhaps CJ, it is time for those 12 steps, before some poor soul ends up a victim as a result of your DUI. Get help.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How can CJ even think that he can "continue" to represent the residents of ward 7 when in fact he never really has in the past. Can anyone offer one resolution that he has authored that helped his community? The fact of the matter is that he made huge errors in judgment on that day by becoming as intoxicated as the detailed police report states. Failure of 5 separate field sobriety tests, unable to articulate, and then finally when he could speak, he gives the city hall phone number as his own. Clearly these are major judgment errors. This was not a case of someone having 2 beers and driving home. However, to do so while in the possession of gun, whether legally purchased or not, with or without a permit to carry (without is the case) is such plain ignorance and stupidity that it breaches the very foundation of basic decision making capabilities. It begs the question "is this person fit to make any decision for himself, let alone for a community".

A gun on the floor being transported that is not locked out (as the police report indicates) is a violation. Transporting the gun at that time (coming from a hockey game) without a permit to carry is another offense. Two other separate violations that he was not charged for. It would seem that the police were very generous to him on that evening, which is also indicated by the "courtesy ride" home that they gave him after processing.

Why don't we see the ranking democrats who tried to push through 18 new gun laws, coming out and condemning this error in judgment? Why is the AG tight lipped? Without question, there is no way any other first time offender would have gotten this type of generous treatment. Although anyone can make a mistake and be forgiven, lets not forget that mistakes of judgment that effect one, is one thing. Mistakes that effect the community is another story.

Good luck CJ, your a decent guy, but it is time to go, as you do not have the faith of your constituents.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013