Could your 8th grader be Mayor for a day?


In celebration of his 18th year in office, Mayor Scott Avedisian will be hosting the first ever “Mayor for a Day” contest in the City of Warwick. The contest, which is open to all 8th grade students in the city, requires an essay submission by April 15, 2018.

Students are tasked with writing about what they feel makes Warwick such a great place to live and visit. They must also submit ideas within the essay about their hopes for the future of the city. Essays should be no longer than 500 words.

The essay winner, as well as two runners-up, will be announced on April 23. The three students will be invited to join Mayor Avedisian as his guests at the first Food Trucks Night of the season, slated for Thursday, May 3 at City Hall.

The overall winner of the contest will be Mayor for the Day on Friday, May 4.

For more information about the contest, students are encouraged to speak to their principals, assistant principals and English teachers.


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Without question, and 8th grader can do a better job than the absentee mayor. I for one look forward to the 8th grader's inauguration.

Thursday, March 8

two bads that youse has to have an 8th grade edumation. that leaves out the taxing prayers mayer.

Thursday, March 8

Dear Justanidiot,

C'mon Justanidiot. You know better than that.

I graduated North Providence High School in 1969. I got my Associates degree from Rhode Island Junior College (now called Community College of Rhode Island) in 1972 and my Bachelors degree from Bryant College in 1975 (now called Bryant University).

Here's a fun fact. I successfully ran for Vice President of the Student Senate in both schools. At Bryant, it was the first time in their history (100 years+-) that a non-resident, non-fraternity person EVER beat a resident that was also a frat member.

I actually have a 16th grade "edumation" my old friend.

As far as "Mayor-For-a-Day, I think it is a great idea and I applaud Mayor Avedisian for it. Anything that promotes Warwick makes Warwick an attractive place to move into. We need more taxpayers. In the last 10 years we have lost 5,800 of them according to the U.S. Census.

Happy Spring Justanidiot.

Happy Spring everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, March 9

Wow, Justanidiot, you got the mayer to provide his credentials. Not that he uses any of the brains that those degrees would suggest.

As one example, he continues to claim that his party's 9-0 city council cut taxes and spending in FY18 [meaning they're less], when in fact, both spending and revenue from taxes are going up. He can't even get the definition of "cut" right.

"Anything that promotes Warwick makes Warwick an attractive place to move into."

Defeating the fake "mayor" and rejecting his false claims has certainly improved residents' experience in Warwick since 2016, and honest, taxpaying, intelligent voters eagerly await the further improvement to the city that his overwhelming defeat this November will provide.

Friday, March 9

just becauses you gets a peace of paper from a place donot mean youse got learnt anything by the teachers. it may hab been more social graduatin. plus day gots you out of der herr.

Friday, March 9