Council job too stressful?


To the Editor:

This letter is in regard to last Monday night’s very disturbing Warwick City Council meeting. The display of disrespect that was shown to several taxpayers, including Rob Cote, the Car Tax Revolt organizer, and former City Councilman Bob Cushman, by the Finance Chair Councilman Ray Gallucci … was truly a disgrace. The outbursts and hysteria by Mr. Gallucci was totally out of line and quite unacceptable.

I think that Mr. Gallucci and his committee have forgotten that the taxpayers pay the bills of this city and have a right to ask questions and get answers as to how their money is being spent. After assessing the actions of Mr. Gallucci at last night’s meeting, it is quite obvious that the stress of the council has really gotten to be too much for him and he should be seeking anger management help before it is too late and has a complete collapse.

Helen Taylor
Former Ward 3 Councilwoman


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Helenzilla, such a simple minded person and yet so thoughtful and full of great ideas.....But please don’t think we have forgotten a lot of this is also your fault. It took years for this to happen you have only been gone for 10 months. “wish you were gone and forgotten but hell at least you’re somewhat gone.” Anyway So next time you pull out the putty knife to start applying that horrible makeup, and prepping to put on that Medusa wig look in the mirror and Ask yourself…. are you are proud of the way you helped Warwick get into this mess.

Thursday, November 17, 2011