Day of reason?


To the Editor:

Our befuddled governor, Lincoln Chafee, has done it again. He managed to alienate most Rhode Islanders by declaring the National Day of Prayer also a Rhode Island Day of Reason. The puppeteers of the governor in this instance are the Humanists of Rhode Island and the Secularists Coalition.

This proclamation, along with the governor’s penchant for fighting for the rights of convicted murderers and renaming Christmas trees, continues his tenure of impetuous and erroneous actions that do not engender any confidence in our chief executive. On the contrary, his stated paradigms are emblematic of a meandering mind without destination or objective.  

One can only conclude with this latest bewildering action, that Chafee is so immersed in his own fantastical subjective world that he is oblivious to the sensitivities of most Rhode Islanders. Or, perhaps his plummeting poll numbers have made him caustically spiteful to the citizens of the state he governs. Either way, Chafee’s term cannot end soon enough. Then we can have a serious governor who will address the many grave problems that our state faces.

Christopher M. Curran

West Warwick


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Befuddled. That is the perfect description for Lincoln Chafee.

Friday, May 2, 2014

I find it funny that those who claim to serve and represent a real, fact based god would not embrace a day of prayer and a day of reason taking place on the same day. It seems to me, that if your god did exist, that he would be linked to reason and that you would embrace calling a day of prayer a day of reason. Your own mythology has a verse that says, “Come let us REASON together.”

By fighting a proclamation, which lacks any real power, it is not law, nor does it make the day of prayer or the day of reason an official state or federal holiday, you show your true colors.

You show that you know prayer is not based on anything reasonable. You show that you know that faith and reason are exclusive of each other. By protesting so loudly you make it clear that reason it a threat to faith, and that when push comes to shove reason will win and faith will buckle under its own weight. By complaining about this you put a chasm between faith and reason making it an either or proposition suggesting that people of faith cannot use reason. That is something we can both agree on.

If you read this letter it seems to suggest that reason is offensive and even the antithesis of prayer. It suggests that only atheist can use reason and that prayer and reason cannot coexist. This seems typical of the religious community’s response to anything that they perceive as a threat.

1. They Claim they are being attacked

2. They bring up all sorts of unrelated nonsense to act as a smoke screen

3. They try to discredit the whole discipline i.e. science is bad

4. They use and reuse worn out talking points

6. They stick their fingers in their ears and go LA LA LA LA LA

In addition to the letter above one only need to look at the respoces to the “Cosmos” series on the Answers in Genesis web site written under the leadership of Ken Ham.

Friday, May 2, 2014