Dillon’s other legacy


To the Editor:

Goodbye Mr. Dillon.
I wanted to take this opportunity to say goodbye to an individual who, along with his predecessors, has done more to destroy the Buckeye Brook Watershed than any other source. You have allowed the airport to discharge millions of gallons of unregulated pollutants into the watershed. There has not been an enforceable RIPDES Permit for storm water runoff issued to RIAC since 1987. Over the past 25 years when RIDEM has tried to do their jobs by issuing a permit, RIAC has met them with resistance, obstruction and litigation. The damage you and RIAC have caused to the environment may not become evident for another 15 to 20 years.
The pundits in this state are lining up to shower you with accolades for your accomplishments. They will start to define the legacy that you leave behind. These pundits, who mostly operate using the same business philosophy that you do, which we call the three Ps – Politics, Power and Profit – will try to elevate you to superstar status. As the impacts of your actions or inactions unfold in the future, I hope to be here to modify your legacy to ensure that the truth is told. Look up the definition of carpetbagger and see if it best describes you and your actions.
Now to the selection of the next political appointee and what business philosophy he or she will possess. We would like to make the following recommendations, which start with the individual having the highest level of integrity and must be a resident of Rhode Island. The individual’s business philosophy will not be the three Ps but the three Cs – Competency, Conscience and Common Sense.
Again, I say goodbye and hope you leave this state in the dark of night, and as you leave, apologizing to the environment you helped destroy. Take with you the knowledge that not everyone was mesmerized by what we called the “Dillon spin.”

Philip D’Ercole
Resident of Warwick Pond, also known as RIAC’s sewer.


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What about every time it rains the beaches are closed cause of all the sewage in the water????? But that's ok right? That's good for the fishing and swimming and kids playing in the sand. I think above all the sewage discharge every time we get a heavy rain into the rivers,streams, coves and bay is the larger enviornmental problem

Tuesday, June 26, 2012