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(Stop motion cartoon feature)

While “Early Man” is a funny, feel-good, stop-motion cartoon feature, it gets a little tedious along the way, especially for adults. It comes from those clever people who bring you the English series, “Wallace and Gromit,” but the characters aren’t quite as lovable.
Dug (voice of Eddie Redmayne) and his pet, Hognob (voice of Nick Park) live with their cavemen and cavewomen friends in a peaceful valley during the Stone Age. Everything is fine until miners from the more advanced Bronze Age move them out to mine the precious ore.
The movie centers around the game of football, known to us as soccer. Dug agrees to pit his clan against the more advanced Bronze Age soccer team. If the motley crew can somehow beat them, they can have their valley back. It all comes down to the Big Game. Guess who wins.
The hour-and-a-half movie carries the important message of teamwork to the young folks, along with some crude bathroom and crotch humor. It is cute, harmless entertainment but, unlike “Wallace and Gromit,” mostly for the kids.
Rated PG for the bathroom humor. (Watch out for that big flying duck.)


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