Expand biofuels


To the Editor:

It's time to start thinking of better ways to reduce our carbon footprint as a nation. We emit thousands of tons of harmful gasses into the atmosphere each year and very little is being done to reduce our carbon output. As a way to kick-start our redirection towards a cleaner lifestyle, I hope you will support the expansion of domestic biofuels as way to reduce our nation's carbon footprint.

Not every American can afford a new electric vehicle. Something should be done now, and an increase in biofuel availability, specifically higher ethanol blends like E15, would dramatically reduce the amount of harmful gasses released in the U.S. Currently, the greatest barrier to expansion of E15 is an EPA rule that limits E15 sales between June 1 and September 15. There is a bill in the Senate to fix this problem, S. 517, the Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act. Please join me in urging Senator Whitehouse to support this bill.

Danny Hall



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