Expect the unexpected, be prepared


To the Editor:

With the increase in incidents of an active shooter, there is now an immediate need for improved means of life safety in all places of public assembly. These should include but not limited to: places of worship, shopping malls, casinos, sporting arenas and outdoor entertainment events.

The need is for management to be sure that the staff, patrons and visitors are safe and protected. Along with the mandatory implementation of the required OSHA's E.A.P. Emergency Action Plan there should be other means of safety in place.

Be sure to have your security cameras linked to first responders.

Inform all staff, patrons and visitors by public means (verbal or printed) of the paths of egress to emergency exits.

Train qualified staff members to assist in medical emergencies and evacuation procedures.

Prepare harden areas with locks for sheltering in place and notify all of their locations.

Prior preparations will assist both first responders and all who are present if and when the need arises.

Do not delay as these more frequent deadly incidents are now requiring an urgent response.

Bob Sweeney

President, RES Associates



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Arm everyone and teach them how to shoot. From age 6 on. Only then will we be truly safe from the hordes of muslim shootings that have plagued our nation.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018