Fact-twisting harassment


To the Editor:

Gina Raimondo is the leader Rhode Island needs. Unfortunately, some in the state are resorting to intimidation, profanity and lies to derail her visionary candidacy. At her Women Changing Rhode Island event last week, I was personally accosted by a group of protestors who banged on my car and called me “evil” for supporting “that evil witch.”

As Gina said herself at the event, they had every right to be there. But so did I, and they did not have the right to threaten and abuse me for exercising that right. The real issue, however, is that Paul Valletta led a protest based on statements he knew to be false, as reported by the Providence Journal back in 2011: http://www.politifact.com/rhode-island/article/2011/nov/17/pension-debate-truth-short-supply. 

These fact-twisting and harassment tactics are an embarrassment to our state and to all the hardworking people in it, including his union members.

Meg Clurman



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No one should have touched you car or called you names, that's being childish. As far as this pension debacle goes there seems to be more here than what we've been told. The quote from Treasurer Raimondo, in the article you reference is only mostly true. Recent articles in Rolling Stone and Forbes magazine, not known as he unions best friend, published an article by Edward Siedle, you should google it. There has been a little back and forth between the Treasurer's office and Mr. Siedle, as chronicled at golocalprov.com. There is more to what happened with this pension deal than meets the eye.

According to RI Public Radio I believe it was the RI Federation of Teachers that led the protest.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

If I was ever elected mayor of Johnston, which when I ran last year the unions under the direct order of Mayor Poilisen tried to black mail me in which the State Police have all the recordings, I would run the unions and their liberal allies out of town. Cost effective School Vouchers is the only way forward. Peter A. Filippi III Founder of the Johnston Taxpayers Association and believer in God Almighty. Oh, and yes, I am not perfect but I do desire to live in a more perfect world...

Saturday, October 26, 2013