Filtering what a child is exposed to


To the Editor:

I just read a letter from Kara Young in the April 23rd edition and was stunned.

With regards to same-sex marriage, Ms. Young and I disagree – but I do agree with her views about the Massachusetts father (David Parker) not wanting his 5-year-old son exposed to certain book material. Firstly, why does the school have a book for kindergarten on marriage and romance of any kind in the first place? I don’t think this is age appropriate. His son is in kindergarten! Shouldn’t a parent have the right to filter what a very young child gets exposed to? Secondly, the response which was given to David Parker in the interview with Family Research Council is laughable. Just because “same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts” doesn’t give classrooms the right to “broach it any time with your child.” Abortion is legal in Massachusetts, but should that be a topic for kindergarten children?

We need to get back to what’s really important for children that age: Learning, listening and helping others.

Jerry Ferreira



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Jerry, if you want the FACTS surrounding the David Parker case, do NOT look to Kara Young, or her highly biased sources, to supply them...

Thursday, May 2, 2013