Frivolity of First Lady unforgivable


To the Editor:

More so than any previous First Lady in history, Michelle Obama has proven her self a star celebrity in her own right. Comely, personable and engaging, Mrs. Obama makes a lively and sought after guest for booking agents of shows like Letterman, the Tonight Show, Rachael Ray, Oprah, Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and most recently the Academy Award Show.  There is one glaring problem with her brilliant stardom; we are paying for it. On her flights of fancy, the American taxpayer is paying for added Secret Service expense, transportation costs, a gigantic and costly traveling staff, and a gaggle of ladies in waiting to primp, polish and prepare Michelle for any and every camera.

In a country where over a quarter of a million people have had their homes foreclosed upon and more people are on food stamps than ever before, such frivolity by the First Lady is unforgivable. The First Lady should be the ultimate guide to the White House and she certainly can have pet, social and philanthropic issues to speak on. However, she should not seek stardom on the taxpayer's dollar.

Christopher M. Curran

West Warwick


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Well said! Thank you! What else can you expect from the wife of the "media President"....

Friday, March 8, 2013