Futility of gun control measures


To the Editor:

Governor Raimondo and the Coalition Against Gun Violence are apoplectic that four rural towns have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. They claim municipalities “do not get to cherry pick which laws to follow.” Does that extend to immigration laws, hmmm? 

Rhode Island General Law 11-47-11 states that municipal licensing authorities “shall issue upon application” a permit to carry a concealed handgun to anyone over 21 who has a permit issued by any other state. Yet it is well known that there are chiefs of police who refuse even to accept an application to carry and others who demand that applicants submit to psychological tests not required by the law or charge more than the statutory fee for applying. I suspect the governor and Coalition are okay with cherry picking this law. 

In an attempt to gain traction with the Democrat Party liberal base mayor-turned U.S. Senator-turned presidential candidate Corey Booker has come out in favor of national licensing of gun owners. Booker wants gun owners to be subject to an interview and required safety training. 

Just who would conduct the interview and whether a national license would mean someone could buy or carry a firearm anywhere is unclear. Also, who would conduct the safety training, the despised National Rifle Association?

 Likewise what other criteria such as age, background check, demonstration of competency with a gun, etc. is also unstated. Booker’s campaign did say the FBI would “check” all applications. No mention of a fee, either.

 A license is permission by the state that allows someone to do something. The overarching question, of course, is whether the government has any authority to license something guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Rights that were believed to be God-given and inalienable.

Do we have to be interviewed and demonstrate competency to exercise our right to vote or do we simply have to prove our age and residency?

 Shortly after Booker announced his proposal two seniors at a charter school in Colorado brought a gun to class and killed one brave student who rushed them and wounded eight others. I am sure this will fade from the front pages because the 18 year-old male and juvenile female used one handgun “not the dreaded assault rifle”. In addition Colorado law prohibits anyone under 21 from purchasing a firearm. Where these two miscreants got their gun has not been revealed as I write this.

The futility of the gun control measures being considered in Rhode Island is demonstrated by the fact that Colorado has a high-capacity magazine ban; a ban on carrying guns in schools; and an assault weapon ban. Did any of them prevent this tragedy?

One more thing: Initial reports were that an armed security guard may have shot at police responding to the active shooter call and wounded one of the students in the chaos that surrounded the event. 

Have you ever wondered why there has never been a mass shooting at a gun club, shooting range or police station?

Richard J. August

North Kingstown


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The anti-gun nuts won't be persuaded by your factual analysis Richard. They hate guns but love abortion violence.

Friday, May 31