Get rid of tolls


To the Editor:

Please remove all tolls on bridges! This is grossly unfair for those residing near the bridges and those who use the bridge on a daily basis for commerce and going back and forth to work.
Repairs to bridges and roads are accessed by motorists and should be financed by motorists. All motorists use the roads and bridges. If you keep placing tolls on bridges, where will it end?
Common sense: tax the user for the degree of use. Retired people do not drive as much and therefore should not pay as much.
The gasoline tax is the fairest of all; the more you use, the more you pay. This tax should be used exclusively for roads and bridges. We currently pay 33 cents per gallon in taxes, and a few more cents wouldn’t break us. New bridges and roads should come out of the General Fund.
We can sell tourism to the people wanting to vacation here. “No tolls on bridges and roads.” Even visitors would have contributed when they tanked up.
We need revenues, but it should be fairly assessed. Placing tolls will reduce tourism, a badly needed source of income.

Elmer Gardiner


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It's ALL READY supposed to be provided for by the gasoline tax. We have enough revenue/pay enough taxes. The RI GA & Guv Lancelot LInc don't manage the RI budget efficiently. I agree no new tolls, but the RI GA has no intention of doing so. Why do you think they transferred oversight of State bridges to the RI Turnpike & Bridge Authority?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013