God won’t let us do it?


To the Editor:

There’s a story about the man who prayed vociferously to God, asking that he win the lottery. God got tired of listening to him and finally said, ‘Fine. I’ll let you win. Just do me a favor and buy a ticket.”

Comedian Louis C.K. does a routine in which God comes back to Earth and is infuriated that Man has polluted the beautiful place that was given to him. He might have been alluding to Erik Thorp. 

Mr. Thorp insists that no matter what we do to the environment, we cannot do anything that could seriously harm either it or us. Why? Because God won’t let us do it. On what does he base this ludicrous assumption? On a book (not 4,000 years old, as I erroneously noted, but one with stories supposedly going back that far) written by people who had no conception of the destructive power modern society wields not only against each other but in violation of natural processes. We’ve cut down forests, polluted streams, dumped oil into oceans, killed off entire species, fouled the air with auto and plant exhausts, amassed incalculable amounts of radioactive debris, poisoned vast swaths of land with industrial waste and performed other environmental atrocities. Some homes have water that can be set on fire as it flows from faucets, thanks to fracking (a procedure which seems also to facilitate frequent earthquakes wherever it is done). 

But don’t worry, no matter how many books say there’s a problem, not matter how many scientists express concerns, no matter that a recent report says it may already be too late, Mr. Thorp believes, and wants you to believe, that one book of mythical Middle Eastern tales (which even modern theologians agree is inaccurate in many ways) trumps modern science. He thinks his book is true despite incontrovertible evidence it is not. I’d suggest he check the Internet or peruse a book such as C. Dennis McKinney’s Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy (1995). Or even study his own ancient tome critically instead of blindly accepting what he hears from church authorities.

Mr. Thorp took some time to “answer” my points, asking for proof of my assertions.

1. The Earth is flat. Isaiah 11:12 refers to the “four corners of the Earth.” Other verses say the same. Look it up, or better yet, read your book.

2.  Earth has columns. Job 9:6 “He shakes the Earth from its place and makes its pillars tremble.”

3. Leviticus 11:13 lists all kinds of birds and bats are there.

4. The talking serpent is never referred to as Satan at any time in Genesis. Later attribution in Revelations doesn’t count since that book was written long, long after Genesis and is the author’s speculation, vision or hashish-induced dream.

5. The fact that Jesus mentions Jonah doesn’t make his being swallowed by a fish and surviving true. Jesus wasn’t there.

6. You admit that light came before the sun. Where was I wrong?

7.  There are two separate Creation stories in Genesis. Which one is the “right” one?

8. You say either water or mist surrounded the Earth prior to the Flood. Please explain the scientific process that enabled the Sun’s light to enter our atmosphere under that condition. If the water (or mist) caused the “Flood”, where did it go afterward?

Barry Nordin



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Mr. Nordin seems to be the self appointed expert on Christian Theology. He is an amusing little man but he crossed the line by insulting both the Bible and Jesus Christ. But just as most haters, and he truly is one, hide behind their desks and spew out this type of venom against Christians , he basically proves the point that a fool will always prove his stupidity by opening his mouth. I have spent my entire life helping people you arrogant, ignorant excuse for a human being and I did not do my talking and helping from behind my desk. it is individuals like you, haters of everything decent, that have made the world what it is today and you my friend will be singing a diffeerent tune on Judgement Day you ignorant heathen. And I am not afraid to sign my name,

John Cervone

Retired US Army

Combat Veteran

OIF - 2007 - 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wow, that's a lot of hate. You must be the vengeful God kind of Christian. How about challenging the points the writer made instead of insulting the person. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is so disappointed. I don't think the writer puts out a great case for why the bibles wrong. Its one thing for fanatics to take the bible in a strict literal sense. Atheists and most Christians take a much less literal view.

Have a great day filled with peace and love. And thank you for your service.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014