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To the Editor:

“GOP Campaign Kickoff, but no candidates,” was the title of a great write-up you gave in the Tuesday, Feb. 4 edition of the Warwick Beacon. You regaled the turnout, the speaking program and the food. Thank you for the coverage. But, “not so fast,” as for “no candidates” you misspoke.

Republican Sal Coiozzo was in attendance. Sal is an announced candidate for Senate District 31, which is currently held by Sen. Erin Lynch Prata. Sal has an active team and is very committed to victory in November. We wish him much luck and support.

The Warwick GOP has increased its membership by 20 percent in the last five months. We have been actively recruiting candidates for all offices and will continue to identify and vet those interested in candidate training programs that are available now and throughout campaign season. Mark Dosdourian, the head of candidate recruitment and training for the RIGOP, will be holding classes. He can be reached at RIGOP.com.

It has not been difficult piquing the interest of potential candidates. The Democrats nationally and locally have been a disappointment and the desire of everyday citizens to step up to challenge the status quo is real. Local taxpayers have had enough and there seems to be no end to the bad news in sight. The current batch of council members who feathered their nests with political moves that attempted to rush the ratification of a WFD contract that was presented for ratification in an incomplete form know who they are and know what they got coming. The candidate taxpayer is livid and will stop at nothing to unseat them. These are real people who have been paying attention and who are angry.

So, stay tuned. The Warwick GOP, along with candidate recruitment efforts by the RIGOP and the Warwick Taxpayer Crisis Committee, will produce energetic, well-trained and rightly supported candidates. We will gladly introduce them as they make their intentions known. Don’t be surprised if they knock on your door soon.

Rick Cascella

Chairman Warwick GOP


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Oh one, not none !

Thursday, February 20

it would be easy to get candidates. just troll through kennedy plaza and pick up a bunch of bums and derelicts. there is plenty of diversity there too. i know it is stealing a page out of the democrats playbook, but it works

Friday, February 21