Having more choices is better


To the Editor:

WPRI has just held a debate for the 2nd Congressional district and purposely kept out a viable candidate worthy of our consideration. Abel Collins is running as an independent candidate and would have brought a fresh perspective to many of the problems confronting us as a nation. I can't fathom what their possible justification could have been for keeping him out. More choices is good for us, and that holds true for candidates for elected office.
Abel Collins is an advocate for fair trade policies, reinstating the Glass Steagall Act (protected us from risky banking investments), and breaking up the banks that are too big to fail. He would work to reinstate civil liberties that have been curtailed over the past decade. He is dedicated to getting the big money out of our elections/government and is determined to bring about a more green economy.
I think the more people take a close look at the campaign of Abel Collins, the more they are going to be impressed with him and his convictions. I am convinced that he would do an outstanding job representing us in the 2nd Congressional district and with proper exposure, many will concur with my opinion of him.
He definitely won me over when I found out that his role model is the political activist Thomas Paine. That confirms to me that Abel would be steadfast in his resolve to creating a better future for us all.

Robert Midura


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"green economy" does that mean pro-envirornment based on making money in a sustainable way. If so that is a good thing

Thursday, October 11, 2012