Honesty, integrity...


To the Editor:

Recent letters and articles in the Beacon trouble me greatly. For instance, one person writes that she didn’t believe Nancy Pelosi, a member of her own faith, when she said that she prays for President Trump. She then goes on, at great length, to praise the man who, at last count, has lied publicly over 16,000 times.

I am 96 years old and lived through World War II. My five brothers enlisted in the Army, the Air Corps, the Coast Guard, the merchant marines and the Navy to help our country rid the world of an egotistic dictator. History can be our teacher.

My sincere prayer is that when we go to the polls this year we may vote for honesty, integrity, empathy and justice in a person who truly respects every human being.

Cay Wilcox Browne



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Cay, I'm shamed to say that there is no such person running. On either side.

Thursday, February 6

so, who are we supposed to vote for

Thursday, February 6