How do we turn this around?


To the Editor:

Confusion, dissatisfaction, distrust, uncertainty, deep concern, unrest, frightening, angry, revolt, scary, garbage talk by politicians by creating classes of people in America, pitting people against people in ways most of us may have never dreamed of in our lifetime. What I find most apprehensible is the word “HATE,” which seems to be used commonly by liberal, left-wing Democrats, their supporters, their operatives and public union bosses against voters and taxpayers that are primarily conservative in their thinking and values. Oops, don’t spit too high in the wind because it will blow back in your face. That word “HATE,” along with Socialist, Marxist, Dictator, Emperor, Chicago Thugs, Elitist, seem to come from the other side of the coin. My God, when will this end?!
This all seemed to come to a head when Obama won the last election. I firmly believe that was because the media and the people failed miserably to truly vet this man out and his opponent was a sorry case of an old “has been;” a war hero, yes – a man ready to become President of the U.S.A., “no.” Obama promised to unite not only our country but also the entire world. This promise has become the biggest crock of bull this country has ever seen. This man has set back our country 200 years in every shape, fashion and form, and very possibly will have a major role in the destruction of the entire world. Jimmy Carter, who has been recognized as the worst president America ever has elected, looks like he now will lose that title to Obama. As upset as I am at this man, I urge all of this mudslinging and name calling to stop and ask you all to do as I do, and that is just bite your tongue and voice your opinion next November at the polls.
Welcome, folks, to the new age of politics that took 60 to 70 years to evolve, and has now very sadly and disgustingly gotten us to this new low point in America. Many of us older folks thought of politics throughout the years as if it were a game, somewhat like a gentlemanly intellectual game of chess; it seems to so many of us now as if it is more like the extreme violent sport of no-holds-barred steel cage fighting. What have we degenerated to as a society in general? Collectively speaking, where have our morals and ethics gone? Is there nothing sacred anymore? What, where, how and why has civility just vanished in today’s society?
This new breed of hardcore politicians, their supporters, their slanted news media advocates and their upfront and backdoor activist groups never think of us, the average, no-voice taxpayer/voter, in any other light other than their personal meal ticket lackey/idiots that will foolishly and/or unknowingly pick up the tab for their entire entitlement gang made up of bold unmasked bandits that laugh at the system and all of us that work our tails off to support that system. These unscrupulous culprits offer nothing in return to society and continually find new ways to enhance and advance their entitlement way of life on the backs of all of us that obey laws, work hard, pay more than our share, donate more than our share, volunteer our time for hundreds of causes and finally even pray for the forgiveness of those lost corrupt souls that take advantage of the system.
I guess the solution is not simple; our spiritual leaders say pray even harder and more often, fringe groups say we need a mean-spirited taxpayer revolt that equals or surpasses the strength of the culprits in the entitlement gang. Fox News and all of its affiliates claim that educating yourself, your family and all of your friends on issues and candidates in a fair and balanced way before you vote is the only way to go. If this nation really wants change that will benefit the country as a whole and possibly the entire world, I say maybe, just maybe, a little bit of an all of the above approach without violence could be the answer. What say you, editorial readers?

Roberto A. Di Padua Sr.


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The country is at a crossroads. The occupier folks are immature dopers who don't know what they want but they love to protest....the left and right hate each other....democrats are moving faster toward socialism, a failure in Europe....republicans are trying to get the country back to its moral base but we know once the country headed down the slippery slope it couldn't climb back. The only answer is to pick up the pieces when it all falls apart.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012