In beginning Hitler also spoke of peace


To the Editor:
President Obama called Donald Trump’s victory “the usual zig and zag of politics,” as if nothing unusual is taking place. He is either whistling past the graveyard, in denial or capitulating, as Trump appoints the “alt-right” extremist Stephen Bannon to chief strategist.
This presidential election became a referendum on and a stunning rebuke and repudiation of neoliberalism, the disastrous Obama administration and its legacy, the feckless Democrat and Republican establishments and the increasingly irrelevant mainstream media, all of whom alternately and incessantly slammed and mocked the president-elect ad nauseam. And Clinton still could not win.
Does anyone believe Donald Trump will simply forget this or put it behind him?
The ascendancy of this crude demagogue signals a crisis of confidence in the ruling institutions. The only mandate Trump received was for change. The voters who elected a black president for two terms had reached a tipping point, it was more than racism, nativism, sexism or xenophobia that determined the outcome. People are fed up with the status quo, and with the duplicitous phonies and frauds in Washington – and Trump promised to “drain the swamp.”
Adolph Hitler rose to power because the traditional parties of the Weimar Republic came to be seen as ineffectual and illegitimate. Hitler would channel the frustration, humiliation and rage of the German people and unify them around a vulnerable “enemy.” In the beginning, Hitler also spoke of peace and accommodation.

John St. Lawrence


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Please go away. You LoveTrumpsHAte people sure are an angry lot. No one cares when you call them a racist or compare them to hitler anyone.

Monday, November 28, 2016

As Thomas Sowell stated, "Liberals are long on rhetoric and short on facts". They are sad students of history also, as they seem to have no idea what the term "Nazi" stood for. The party which brought Hitler to power was the National Socialist German Workers' Party or NSDAP, or "Nazi" for short; Hitler had a fondness for big government, government control of private sector companies, massive social programs, eugenics (Margaret Sanger, anyone?), no responsibility to his citizens, scapegoating, and persecution of anyone who dared disagree with his dictates, leading to beatings and street riots, much like the pre- and post-election antics of Hillary's supporters; I think many Rhode Islanders would have felt right at home.

A nation full of professional victims is a sad thing- best thing to do is ignore them so they don't feel threatened by any scary words; perhaps a better symbol of their new movement would be a pacifier instead of a diaper pin.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Please tell me nobody is naive enough to believe that "national socialism" as portrayed by the NSDAP had anything at all to do with socialism. Nationalism, oh heck yeah but it sure wasn't socialism. I'm pretty sure China calls itself "socialist" as well, anybody buy that?

Thursday, December 1, 2016


You missed the point entirely, but I'm not surprised; it's the irony of the left calling a candidate on the right a term like "Nazi"- it's such typical, extreme rhetoric.

Sorry, but dismissal doesn't work when all one needs to do is read some of Hillary's quotes and compare them to some of the aforementioned Nazi leader's.

The best thing the right can do is ignore the tantrums and hand-wringing of the left for the next 4-8 years, lest their feelings continue to get hurt and they run for their safe spaces.

The overreaction of the last few weeks is what happens when sheltered "Precious Snowflakes" get trophies for showing up and never learn the meaning of the word "No".

Monday, December 5, 2016