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(Social media hits new low)

What we have here is a film about social media starring an unsociable, insecure, obsessive-compulsive teenager that we hated with a passion. Maybe the younger crowd will enjoy the story of a stalker who is obsessed with social media, using it to gain access to a popular (on social media) Venice Beach woman, gains her friendship, and then goes manic to the point of violence.

Aubrey Plaza plays Ingrid as a pouting, self-destructive, borderline insane young woman who takes her mother's inheritance, moves to L.A. and stalks the popular Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen) by stealing her dog and claiming she found it, and buying her husband's awful painting.

All poor Ingrid wants is to be liked, but she continues to make herself unlikable, both to the characters in the movie and to the audience. If this is entertainment, it escaped both of us.

The story slowly turns mean spirited as Ingrid plots revenge against Taylor's hateful brother.

Hated the movie. Hated the phony ending.

Rated R with profanity, drug use, sex and a California lifestyle and attitude that we found offensive and phony.


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