Just nonsense dialogue


To the Editor:

Taxpayers are owed an explanation of why their taxes are being inflated.

This letter is regarding the Car Tax meeting the mayor and his staff hosted this Saturday, Oct. 8. There were no answers, just nonsense dialogue.

In fact, the mayor absolutely lied about why he was having this meeting. He originally said that an informal Saturday meeting when people were not scheduled to work would be a better format. Today, he said that people have told him that they did not like the structured system of the Council meetings and would like something more informal to ask questions and get answers.

To ask questions and get answers as to why the car tax exemption was removed was the premise of the last meeting of the Council, but the mayor and his staff refused to do that. He made the decision to turn his back on the taxpayers and walk away. Three hundred taxpayers at that meeting were perfectly comfortable with that formal meeting and were waiting patiently for him to be available to speak with them.

Five taxpayers showed up for the mayor’s informal non-structured meeting today. What does this tell you? It tells you that this meeting that he called today was just a spin to cover up the huge mistake that he made by not speaking with the taxpayers at the Sept. 19 Tax Revolt meeting. He insulted and disrespected the people who elected him. Taxpayers are furious and he knows it. The taxpayers are now on to him and his ruthless tactics and they want results. They are not going to relent as he and his staff may think.

Taxpayers may not run this city, but their taxpayer dollars do…therefore taxpayers are owed an explanation ASAP, not when it’s too late like Central Falls.

Helen Taylor
Former Ward 3 Councilwoman


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Oh i thought she was dead????? anyway look whos calling the wig I mean kettel black...... Helzilla are you seriously going to comment on this lol Just when you thought she couldnt be anymore simple or pathetic she manages to lower the bar even more lol ........ Gosh, I do have to admit I miss seeing that at the council meetings it was like comic relief

Thursday, October 13, 2011

All slander and no substance. Helen is right and you .... well you're just you and that speaks for itself.

Thursday, October 13, 2011