Langevin has priorities straight


To the Editor:

What a bizarre tirade by the guy in last Tuesday’s paper, who apparently thinks he should run for Congress in our district.

In the story, “Gardiner calls cyber security Langevin’s ‘feather bed,’” one of his main points is to get rid of EMTALA law that requires hospital emergency rooms to help people in an emergency, no matter their financial status. That’s what he thinks will fix the country?

Fortunately, the person who currently represents us in Congress has his priorities straight. Rarely a week goes by when I don’t read or hear about something Congressman Jim Langevin is doing about jobs and improving our educational system.

I think it’s especially good to see how much he is doing to bring better job training to Rhode Island. I wish it were as obvious to everyone else that one of the biggest reasons our state’s unemployment is so high is that the jobs everyone has been taught to do are gone and they are not coming back.

We need new types of businesses, or unemployment will just keep going up. They won’t be coming if no one here has the ability.

Thanks Jim, for your recognizing the problem firsthand.

Richard S. Urquhart


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Thanks for reading the story Richard. The Senate Bill that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Congressman Langevin announced support of this week corroborated my remarks. The Senate bill does not put cyber security under the White House a Congressman Langevin argued for. The Senate bill also removed a provision that that would have given the White House "emergency powers." I had stated that the Senate is leading the effort on cyber Security, not Congressman Langevin, and the Senate effort demonstrates that as well. EMTALA was passed to prevent patient dumping but it has made the emergency rooms the de facto source of free medical care and much of that care can can be provided at lower care elsewhere. The high cost of uncompensated care is a major problem for our area hospitals. two major items drag our economy. Housing and soaring health insurance costs. Your congressman has not done enough n these areas and we can't wait another two years while he supports his parties obstruction of responsible budgets and expensive gimmicks like cash for clunkers, and a plan to tax us back to prosperity that fancies the government will tax the rich and create lasting jobs with that money. Unemployment benefits will no longer be paid for 99 weeks, just 73 weeks. I believe if we can help people stay in their homes we will stabilize the housing market and that will instill consumer confidence, creating a lasting demand driven recovery. Lots of unemployed in RI, WPRI says more than 14%, don't have seventy nine weeks to go. Thanks Richard, for being engaged with these issues.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am sorry for the misspellings in my earlier comment. I respect the language but responded to Mr. Urquart's letter on the go without the benefit of enough edit.

Thursday, February 16, 2012