Langevin presides as Democrats regain House


With the Democratic Party resuming control of the House of Representatives, Congressman Jim Langevin’s opportunity to preside over the House as Speaker pro-tempore on the first day of the 116th congress was filled with debate over ending the government shutdown.

On Jan. 3, House Democrats brought forth two bills to end the government shutdown, neither of which included funding for Trump’s border wall. Inside the bills were countless pages of information regarding healthcare, election security, climate change and budgeting procedures. Langevin voted in favor of both bills, and both made it through the House of Representatives.

“I’m honored that Speaker Pelosi appointed me as Speaker pro-tempore on the first day of the new session,” Langevin said. “It symbolizes the inclusivity that we want this Congress to be about and hopefully that will include a more inclusive agenda moving forward.”

Langevin is excited that the Democrats have regained the majority in the House, as he believes the Republicans have ignored many important concerns of the American people over the last few years. He is hopeful Congress can find bipartisan solutions that reflect the needs of the American people.

“This is a new day in Washington in Congress,” Langevin said in a telephone interview. “I’m hoping we can look for opportunities to reach across the aisle, to find common ground solutions, bipartisan solutions that work for the American people.”

This is not the first time Langevin has presided over the House of Representatives. He also had the honor of serving in July 2010, during the 20th anniversary of the passage of the American Disabilities Act. However, only members of the majority party may act as Speaker pro-tempore, which made him unable to have the opportunity to preside for the last eight years.

“I had the privilege and honor of presiding over the House when we brought up the resolution commemorating the 20th anniversary is the ADA,” Langevin said. “I was hopeful that at some point we could take back the majority, but more importantly, it’s about changing course from where we were.”

Langevin began his commitment to public service in 1984, but originally didn’t have any intentions of running for public office. As a teen Langevin was interested in law-enforcement and became a police cadet. At the age of 16 and while in the department locker room an officer’s gun was accidentally discharged and the ricocheting bullet left Langevin paralyzed. In his search to continue public service, he found that elective office was interesting and fulfilling.

Langevin was selected to be a delegate to the Rhode Island Constitutional convention in 1984, and has career has continued to progress.

“In 1988 I ran and was elected as a State Representative,” Langevin said. “In 1994 I finished my Master’s degree and I ran for Secretary of State and I was elected there. I served as Secretary of State for six years and then I ran for Congress in 2000 and that’s what I have been doing ever since.”

Langevin is the representative for Rhode Island’s second congressional district, which includes Providence, Johnston, Glocester, Foster, Cranston, Burrillville and the entirety of Kent and Washington Counties. He is recognized as a party leader on issues pertaining to national security, cyber security and health care.

On Jan. 7, still in the midst of a government shutdown, Langevin commented on the president’s refusal to work with Congress he said. He took to Facebook and said, “Americans shouldn’t have to wait for their tax refunds over the president’s continued refusal to work with Congress. House Democrats will vote to reopen critical government services separate from the border wall debate.”


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richard corrente

I have known Congressman Jim Langevin for about 30 years and I hope this does not offend any other of the many good leaders we have in government but Congressman Jim is the best of all elected officials in my opinion. His work ethic is non-stop. His words are always respectful and kind. His keeping-of-his-word is better than anyone's, and when he says he will attend, he actually shows up, and stays for the entire event.

I have attended hundreds of political events. Many had political guests that, unfortunately, were unable to show up. Many had political guests that just "said" they were unable. Not Congressman Langevin. He truly is a man of his word, and Congress is in very capable hands with him as Speaker pro-tempore.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Wednesday, January 9

Congressman Langevin's record in attending political events does not include those held by the two-time election reject, including his poorly-attended 2018 campaign kickoff, which the Beacon reported was "a gathering of 15 including Ward 1 Councilman Richard Corley, the only elected Democrat present.",129946

Congressman Langevin is everything the two-time election reject is not: An honest, taxpaying, actual elected official with a record of accomplishment and legitimate achievements.

Wednesday, January 9

HUH? Dickie and Cricket, What are you talking about? Career in public service starting in 1984...TRANSLATION: Like his contemporary, Mayor Scottie, they've been on the public mammary for 35 years...But, having said that, you can prove me wrong, just show me the legislation that he has been the prime sponsor or author of which has become law that helped out ALL constituents, ie, taxpayers, not just a targeted few...You can make the same argument for war hero Reed, witness killer Whitehouse and Don Cicilline....With their combined time there should be dozens of pieces of legislation, just take your brain out of escrow at least once a year...and submit something that helps out all Americans. OH, the Melvoid Benson post office in North Kingstown, (since renamed) is not what I would call cutting edge legislation...

Thursday, January 10
richard corrente

Dear Ben Dover,

Like you, I would prefer MUCH more from ALL of our elected officials. But that wasn't the point of my comment, so I'll ask you a question instead. What elected official can you name that has kept his or her word better than Congressman Langevin? I complemented him on showing up at events when he promised, which he did and does better than any other elected official I have ever encountered. Maybe you know someone with a better record. If you do, who is it?

If you don't, then please don't blast me for giving my honest opinion. You don't even give your honest name!

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpaqyers Mayor

Monday, January 14
Ben Dover

Memo to Dick Corrente, mayor of Moscow, RI......NUTS.

5 days ago
richard corrente

Dear Ben Dover,


I gave you a sufficient amount of days to come up with the name of "any elected official that has kept his or her name better than Congressman Langevin", and you couldn't think of anyone. Not one person that has a better record, in your opinion, than Congressman James Langevin? Couldn't agree with you more! Hey, there's hope for you yet.

Happy Valentines Ben.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor (maybe Ben's too)

3 days ago

DICK: LMAO at you...Do you really think your cloddish and childish attempts at spin are sophisticated enough to fool ANYBODY who reads your blather? I pose a question and you answer, as you always do, with a question..."I gave you a sufficient amount of days to come up with the name of "any elected official that has kept his or her name better than Congressman Langevin",

First off, you are in no position to issue me "time" to respond to your gibberish.

Second, Didn't they teach you in 3rd grade you don't answer a question with a question? You are quite foolish.

Lastly Dick, you want to try and play Psych Ops with me? You are light years out of your station in life. Stay in your own little world...Mayor of Moscow, RI...The shoe fits Dick, run with it. You have the cat like reflexes and thought process of an amoeba...Good luck in the mortgage business.

3 days ago