Leave the swans alone


To the Editor:

I am writing in response to a letter that was written by Connie and Richard Mero of Warwick on July 16.

I want you to know I agree with everything that they said about the RIDEM.

My very good friend has a home on Warwick Lake (Pond) and I visit him often. We just love to have the swans come and visit us. Last spring, only the male would come to visit while the female was sitting on her eggs in her nest. But soon after, we saw the whole beautiful family come and visit us with Mom, Dad and four babies. How beautiful it was to see and enjoy. Well, soon after only the Mom came by with only three babies. We knew something bad had happened.

Shame on the RIDEM for listening to people about the male chasing them; please tell these people to stay home with their kids and animals. The male swan was only trying to protect his family. We do not want those people there, anyway, to bother the most beautiful animals. Even though they may be a non-native species, they are so quiet, graceful, peaceful and beautiful. It is nice to see that our feathered friends take care of our families better than the human race does.

The RIDEM said it does something to the ecosystem; that is only on excuse – shame on them. Shame on the RIDEM. If they want to kill animals, tell them to go kill a bear or a deer; leave the swans alone.

I hope the DEM can live with themselves for killing a male swan and a baby.

Sue Mulvey



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The only good swan is a dead swan.

They are an invasive species and if left unchecked all you will have in this state are swans.

No more dogs.

No more cats.

No more sparrows.

No more ducks.

No more geese.

No more buckeyes.

No more animals at the zoo.

Only swans.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013