Make green technology a priority


To the Editor:

Recent news of rising oil prices serves as a reminder of the dangerous stranglehold petroleum has on Rhode Island's economy – putting money in the hands of multinational corporations, while costing families at the pump and on their heating bills. With enduring economic stagnation and a current unemployment rate of 10.5 percent in Rhode Island, one of the highest in the country, among our best opportunities to spur economic recovery lies in one of the few sectors of the economy to have seen growth in recent years: green technology and development.

In the 2012 session of Rhode Island's General Assembly, it is vital that reducing our state’s dependence on petroleum becomes a legislative priority. We must create a plan to alleviate the burden of increasing costs of petroleum to consumers in Rhode Island while facilitating a move toward clean, renewable, in-state energy sources – creating jobs, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of the air we breathe. With widespread support, this vision of a revitalized green economy can become reality and “Little Rhody” can again prove itself a big leader on energy policy.

Molly Welsh
Environment Rhode Island


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Molly....apparently you haven't been reading the paper. Solyndra, car battery firms, other solar 'green' firms, have cost us billions and all gone bankrupt. The technology isn't there. We can't power the country on dreams.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012