Maybe it’s time to reinstitute a beach fee


To the Editor:

Conimicut Point, Oakland Beach and Rocky Point are three of the most brilliant views of Narragansett Bay. Rocky Point in particular is being brilliantly maintained by Mr. Dave Picozzi and constant upkeep and care by Jeff Wheeler and others.
It’s a shame the other two city parks have suffered a different fate. It appears to me that groups of non-Warwick residents have contributed heavily to trash on beaches along with their unleashed dogs, unsupervised kids and music blaring from their
We need to return to what we did years ago, charge for seasonal and daily passes, and a bit more for non-residents. Perhaps than we can generate enough revenue to protect our people, environment and facilities from being an increasingly unpleasant trip before it’s too late.

C.T. Anderson


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How about a fee for NON-residents only. We already pay our fees. In taxes.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I agree with falina. City residents should be able to use city-maintained beaches and parks for no extra charge. Other cities and towns charge non-residents to use their facilities, so should Warwick. I live in Conimicut and walk to the point often. Trash and garbage are everywhere, and this occurs in a park where garbage receptacles are present! I'll never understand the sheer laziness and thoughtlessness of some people...

Saturday, August 4, 2012