New meaning to the season


On numerous nights before Christmas,

In Providence’s Collier Park,

People gather together

And stand around in the dark. Mr. Picozzi is NOT nestled

All snug in his bed.

For Frank has other ideas

Dancing around in his head. The time is 8:20 pm.

Cars and trucks do steadily arrive.

As each participant pulls in,

The Warwick Santa’s idea comes more alive. Some wait quietly while others chat with friends.

All are there for the same reason –

Frank has shown those gathered

A new meaning to the season. Flashlights in hand,

Caring hearts all around.

It’s seconds before 8:30;

Loud it would be, if love made a sound. The time has come to say goodnight to the kids.

Pixels now dance in the moonlit sky,

From the back of a white pickup,

While I wipe a tear from my eye. As Frank’s tree spells Merry Christmas,

The kids flash their lights on floors 1-5.

Sickness is put aside for a few short minutes

And the spirit of Christmas comes alive. Good night, Hasbro, and good night, kids.

We wish you good health in the upcoming year.

Our hearts hold you close in thought, love and prayer.

Lori Gebler



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what in the name of all that's holy are you ranting about?

Friday, December 22, 2017

jcervone, it is a poem in reference to the Goodnight Lights ritual to flash lights to the children at the Children's Hospital. This time, Frank Picozzi set up a Christmas Tree in his truck bed for the sick children. It isn't a rant, it is a poem. Sometimes, people do a nice things for others and it inspires someone else to remark on it. Kindness is catchy. Or not.....

Friday, December 29, 2017