No shame


To the Editor:

I’ve been remiss in not congratulating the deserving and knowledgeable 24,429 voters who voted against Democrat Richard Corrente for mayor last November. He was defeated by a much superior and qualified candidate, in every possible way, by Republican Mayor Scott Avedisian.

I would also be remiss in not responding to Mr. Corrente’s vicious and erroneous filled letter to the Beacon (2/23/17) railing against the Warwick School Department, the School Committee, the 9,000 beautiful students and their vital education.

It is a stark and frightening reminder that he has no shame.

Eugene A. Nadeau

Vice Chair

Warwick School Committee


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Dear Gene,

Websters dictionary defines "remiss" as

"A lack of care or attention to duty; negligent."

You're right Gene. You ARE remiss.

Mayor Avedisian, a career politician, was funded by 237 Political Action Committees. I accepted ZERO checks and still received 13.278 votes, and Gene, I got them the old fashioned way. I EARNED THEM. The 2018 elections are right around the corner and my supporters are NOT 237 groups of political insiders that require something in return for their support. My 13,278 supporters are taxpayers! You know them Gene. Those same people that gave your organization (the School Committee) $160,000,000 to handle our school needs. Want an honest assessment of how you're doing? Then agree to an independent audit with all results made public, unlike what you did with the Ragosta Report. Otherwise, shut up!

Oh, and one more thing. Don't you dare accuse me of "railing against the 9,000 beautiful students".Re-read my Letter-to-the-Editor. I'm "railing against" people like you because I care about those 9,000 beautiful students and the teachers that teach them.

And Gene; if you want to talk about "shame," have the readers look up the Beacon article about the Ragosta Report. You wanted Mario Atoyan to teach those 9,000 students, remember? Remember what he drew on the arm of a 13 year old girl? The parents of those 9,000 students sure do. I do too.

If you want to congratulate Mayor Avedisian, that's fine. I called and congratulated him on election night. You're a little late.

I wonder what would have happened if he didn't buy the support of 237 Political Action Committees. I'll bet the results would have been very different. I'll bet I would have won.

I guess you don't have the courage or the character to let the public know what you are spending their money on. Fair enough. Any other School Committee members?

How about you David, or Karen, or Bethany, or Terri? Would any of you agree to an independent audit? Or are you like Gene?

He's right. I have "no shame", but unlike you Gene, I don't have anything to feel shame about.

Happy Spring everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, March 2

Talk about ignorant. The Non-Taxpayer Mayor Corrente admits he has no shame and he is correct. He defaults on his property tax obligation to the city, no shame. Defaults on his mortgage, no shame. Defaults on his utility bill, no shame. Defaults on his car tax obligation, (still to this day) no shame. Defaults on court judgments made against him, no shame. Every where he travels he leaves a trail of unpaid bills and litigation. But lower than all of these ignorant acts which display his irrelevance in the community and lack of care for all of the people who DO pay their fair share, is the fact that for 9 years he argued not to pay child support. There is nothing lower.

Thursday, March 2